Neoprene Blood Bowl Pitches Have Arrived!

That’s right… After two false starts, the first two official neoprene for Blood Bowl are finally here. First we had an advertisement in an issue of White Dwarf stating that at the time of the release of the issue, the Reikland Reavers neoprene pitch would be already available for order, only to find no pitch available for order, and the advert removed from the digital edition of White Dwarf. Then, months later, we had the Gouged Eye pitch that actually went up for pre-order, only to have all open orders cancelled a week later.

In both cases, Games Workshop would officially cite quality control issues as the reason the pitches got pulled. Whatever the issues were, they have apparently been resolved because not only did both pitches go on pre-order again, both pitches were even delivered to my doorstep today! Oh… and I also received the Underworld Denizens Coins & Tokens pack…

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Look, I Painted Something!


I have a couple of minis on the table right now, but I put them on hold for one night so that I could paint my first ever NAF trophy mini. As I posted previously, I won it this past weekend at Bugman’ Bowl here in Austin. I was not really sure what color scheme to go with to paint this piece, so I hopped on the Googles and did an image search for painted NAF trophies. Lots of cool images came up, but for my first NAF trophy, I decided to go with the official NAF color scheme. It also helps that the official NAF color scheme is also the official XBBL color scheme. If I ever win another one, I will probably paint it up in the color scheme of whatever team I was using when I won.

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Bugman’s Bowl 2016


So, yesterday I attended a new local Blood Bowl tournament called Bugman’s Bowl. As always, it was good to see friends and play some good games. The tournament itself was very well run and Dean did a great job for a first time tournament organizer. He has some interesting concepts such as using playing cards to randomly assign table numbers for the first game, as well as for door prize drawings at the end of the day. They added a little more flavor than using little pink or blue raffle style tickets. The most entertaining element all day was the “Get Me a Beer” hat. If any players got pushed into the crowd, the player doing the pushing would yell, “Get me a beer!” and the player who got pushed would then have to wear a large, and very silly hat until someone else yelled, “Get me a beer!” Anyone who finished the game while wearing the hat, then had to go up to the bar and exchange the hat for a free beer to give to his opponent. Very clever and thematically appropriate. Finally, while we did not get any custom tournament dice (which was a little bit of a bummer), we each got an Impact! miniature in our welcome bag. At the end of each game, if you lost your game, you could force your opponent to trade minis with you, and if you tied, you both had to agree on the trade. Like ROT Cup earlier in the year, Bugman’s Bowl was held at 4th Tap Brewery here in Austin, TX. Also like ROT Cup, I brought Chaos Dwarves as they served me pretty well the last time that I brought them.

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Diablo Bowl! Some Ups, Some Downs


Well, my XBBL friends and I made the trip to Dallas for Diablo Bowl yesterday. It was a long, but fun day and we all had some real ups and downs. Jeff, who finished 2nd place at Orclahoma Bowl earlier this year had what was probably his worst tournament ever, and finished the day at the bottom table. James and Dave played their final games at tables 1 and 2, with James taking home 2nd place overall, and I only managed to finish in the middle of the pack with my 1-1-1 final record. The upside is that my Hittsburgh Steelbeards Dwarf team is now a TWO-TIME award winning team.

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Blood Bowl Visual Match Report: Undead Vs Humans

So, this will be an experiment. My current Blood Bowl league, the XBBL is really big on fluff and extracurricular activities to really add to the flavor of the game. My only problem is that I am really not very good at fluff, but I have a real appreciation for what it adds to a game. In an effort to contribute something unique, I am going to try what I am affectionately referring to as a visual match report. I took about 50 pictures during last night’s game and this image heavy post will either be a proof of concept, or a spectacular failure. Time to find out which!

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