Oh Motivation, Thou Art A Heartless Bitch…


Well, I am (very) slowly chipping away at my Dwarf team for Diablo Bowl. Diablo Bowl is exactly three weeks from today, and as always… I have pretty much waited until the last minute to paint. As always, my biggest problem is motivation. In case I have not mentioned it lately, I REALLY do not enjoy painting minis, but it has to be done. And since I have already won a couple of trophies at various Blood Bowl tournaments (including last year’s Diablo Bowl), I might as well do the best job I can. The upside is that all the minis that I NEED for this team at the tournament are already done. The minis that I am painting now are pretty much for “wow” factor. And since the best mini painter that I personally know, my friend James, is currently deployed, I might actually stand a chance of bringing home another trophy this year. 🙂

I am mostly done with the minis that are currently on the table. Tonight I managed to finish up white highlights and do my first brown highlight layer. I need to do my final brown highlight layer and then all that will be left is hair, eyes, and cleanup work. After the nine minis I am currently working on, I have sideline minis, and not one, not two, but three deathroller minis to paint. Why three deathroller minis for this team? Apparently because I am either stupid, or I really like to torture myself. In any case, I have three deathroller minis to paint. If there is any time left after painting these minis, I will try to find time to squeeze in a good display base.


This picture shows my current progress. I like these minis, but the diamond pattern uniforms take a lot of time to paint up. Hopefully I can actually manage to finish things up in time.

Well, that is all for tonight. This is a short post, but I have committed to try and post more often, so this will have to do for now.

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