Shadow War: Armageddon Basic Rules Leaked Online

OK, I do not usually post this sort of thing, but I am starting to get a little excited about this game… The basic rules section for the new Shadow War: Armageddon have apparently been leaked online via an Imgur account. Please see the images below and drool!

The original Imgur post can be found here!


7 thoughts on “Shadow War: Armageddon Basic Rules Leaked Online

  1. Great to see gw return to a classic. Think gangs would be better then factions. be interesting to see how the 2nd ed rules have be updated. Who knows, might be bases for 8th ed 40k

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    • well, i can understand why they took this approach. they could have released Necromunda again, and then said, “now you have to wait for minis to come out,” or they could use existing 40K factions and say, “you can buy any of these minis right now!”


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