Goblin Secret Weapons Revealed

Well, the goblin secret weapons aren’t so secret anymore. Today Warhammer Community unveiled the upcoming Forge World goblin secret weapon players for Blood Bowl. There will be a bomber, chainsaw player and ball-and-chain looney. The chainsaw player was teased previously in the Rumor Engine, with many correctly guessing the hooked chain blade to be a bad-moon shaped chainsaw.

No sign of a pogo stick player yet.

The secret weapon minis will go on sale first at this month’s Warhammer Fest event, no word on pre-order or release date.

6 thoughts on “Goblin Secret Weapons Revealed

  1. Can’t say that I care for the size of the bomb about to be chucked. An explosive that size would be taking out most of the field! Overall though I like them. I’ll be picking up the goblin team when it becomes available.


  2. I liked the suggestion I read of combining these goblins with the new skaven to make an underworld team. I actually think that’ll look pretty good.


  3. Bomb is too big. Hows he meant to sneak it on to the pitch. My main concern is the price. But not too bad overall


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