More Blood Bowl Dice Incoming


More Blood Bowl dice are on the way according to Faeit 212, their source states stores are able to preorder new sets of dice and a new pitch.

A Facebook user posted an image showing dice for goblins, Reikland Reavers and The Gouged Eye. Not sure why we need more dice for humans and goblins, but you know they’re going to sell like hot cakes. Do hot cakes really sell that well? I don’t know, ask IHOP, they seem to be doing OK.

Also, if they’re going to do another set of human dice, why not theme them for the Bright Crusaders?

War of Sigmar also reports Death Zone Season 2, the goblin team and goblin booster pack are this week’s preorders.


12 thoughts on “More Blood Bowl Dice Incoming

  1. More dice!!!! Fair enough gobbo but orc/human dice bit much. Also the price difference between gobbo team and booster is a bit steep. Probably better of buying the team for value for money


      • I have the Dwarves set, and they are nice looking. I’ve only seen pics of the Skaven dice online, they look “ok”, but nothing super special. I still kinda want them though.

        The old block dice seem a little easier to read. I also liked the green ones they had and the pink ones. Heh, that’s the colors of the original Chaos All-Star team, now that I think about it.

        I just put my name down for some of the Fumbbl dice, and I’m excited about those.

        Did I mention I’m a sucker for dice?


    • Yeah, I don’t have any of the new dice yet. A friend bought two copies and gave me the leftover stuff he didn’t want. So I got a board, dugouts, templates, box, etc to play, but no dice. I prefer the old dice symbols, I think they’re clearer to read across the table, but these new dice are shiny …


      • The only new dice I would recommend so far, are the Dwarf dice. I really like the colors. I haven’t seen the Skaven dice in person yet, but I doubt they will change my mind. From what I’ve heard, the new dice are easy enough to read, though I am still partial to the symbols of the old dice.


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