Black Scorpion Miniatures Releases New Halfling Team… And It Ain’t Bad!

Well, it would appear that Games Workshop’s Made to Order program is not the only “new” Halfling team for Blood Bowl. Yesterday, Black Scorpion Miniatures announced that they were adding a new Halfling team to their line of “Fantasy Football” minis, and I have to be honest… I like the little guys.

Stylistically, they remind me of the Willy Imperial Halfling team a little more than the classic Games Workshop Halflings. They are a little less silly, and more well dressed than the original 3rd edition minis. I am not 100% sure about the scale of these minis, but I was given a couple of Black Scorpion Elf minis a while back at a tournament and they seemed pretty true 28mm. I would expect that the Halfling team would be a similar scale, though I do not have anything to actually base that expectation on.

Here is a nice closeup of the Treeman. I really like the details, especially his face. This mini is a dry brusher’s dream!

If you are unfamiliar with Black Scorpion Miniatures, the best thing about them is the price. At £40.00 for 16 miniatures with few repeated sculpts, Black Scorpion’s value is hard to beat. I only have the two previously mentioned Elf minis from Black Scorpion, but I can say that the material they use for casting their minis seems to be of a much higher quality than other company’s minis that I have seen at similar price points.

I do not expect to pick these minis up as I already have the 3rd edition Halfling team, and funds are a little tight with all the Games Workshop Blood Bowl product coming out these days, but if I had the option to pick these minis as a drawing prize at a tournament, I would gladly snap them up.

Anyone else interested in these minis?

6 thoughts on “Black Scorpion Miniatures Releases New Halfling Team… And It Ain’t Bad!

  1. They look pretty good. I’ve been tempted by some of their other teams, but have never pulled the trigger. One gripe I have is every Black Scorpion mini has the same wide-legged stance. but that’s pretty minor.

    They also have some good looking Western minis, if you’re so inclined to get into Legends of the Old West … which I am but one game at a time … well a couple games at a time 😉

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  2. Looks nice. I’ll only be interested if they match up with the new 32mm scale, so I’ll have to wait and see. I’m not crazy about some of them with the floppy hats, as they look more like ‘adventurer’ halflings. I wish they had some better pics. If that Treeman is offered separately, I’d probably grab him alone. That’s one of the better looking ones I’ve ever seen.

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