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I’ve always theorized that crowd funding attacks in waves.  Just when you swear off pledging money for a product that hopefully arrives in the distant future, your eyeballs are assailed with ripe new products looking to syphon your hard earned paycheck.  Just last year I was loudly proclaiming my independence from the crowd funding racket.  Alas, starting with Iron Golems it appears that the cycle has begun anew!   This time around instead of another potential mound of unpainted models, we have an offering that appeals to the spirit of Fantasy Football and maybe even lets the wallet off a bit easy this time.

If you have never heard of Pedro Ramos or seen his incredible work, then I strongly recommend that you check out his website to see the models he has created.Cabelog

Pedro Ramos has done much to expand the market of Fantasy Football over the years offering his services to some well known companies such as Meiko, Hungry Troll, and other independent companies and one off teams.  Not only does he hand sculpt his models, something which I feel is far superior to digital designed models, but he also produces some of the most wonderful concept sketches during the design process.


Vortice Undead Wight

I’ll admit that his concepts alone have gotten me roped in to many a team offering and in my mind when I hear that Pedro Ramos is working on team then I sit up and take notice.  I know that probably comes across a bit sounding like a fan boy, but the dude has the talent and you can’t look at that picture above and not admit that is a sweet looking design!

Concept Kicker IG800

Iron Golems Dwarf Kicker

The idea of an art book about Fantasy Football probably doesn’t sound appealing to every player, but I have had a long history with the game ever since 1989 when I had a chance encounter with White Dwarf #114.  Although I no longer have that sacred issue I still remember reading the Star Player cards featuring players like Galem Goreblade and Bellow Thunderslam.  It also offered rules for chainsaws on the pitch and the ability to earn rerolls for returning severed heads to your dugout.  Second edition Blood Bowl never shied away from adding more rules to the game.


The heads could be passed like a normal football, brilliant!!!

The theme and backstory of the game has been a fascination/addiction ever since and I have owned at least one copy of the game since 1991.  My nostalgia for the game has led me to maintain a collection of rule books and supplements that repeated reading never ceases to entertain me no matter how many times I look them over.  The designes offered by P. Ramos are unique in their design and style but they still rekindle that excitement and fascination that White Dwarf began years ago.


Line Frog for Johnny Bull’s Frogman team

I’ve seen it suggested time and time again that a collection of his artwork would be worth collecting and it appears that the messaged has been received.  The Kickstarter campaign is offering the hard back Art Collection for a mere 28 Euro.  There is an option for a  limited edition signed copy but at this point those are just about all spoken for.  Sorry about that.  All backers are currently receiving a limited edition Pedro Ramos avatar model along with the book.  The project has surpassed the funding mark and baring any serious issues should become a reality.  The first stretch goal appears to be a sideline wizard model yet it is not specified if it will be an add-on or a freebie.  For the current low cost I imagine this would most likely be a few Euros.


Below are a some work in process samples offered on the kickerstarter page along with the design of the limited edition model.

I don’t know how much of a catalog P. Ramos has created over the years but the campaign makes reference to a volume one so perhaps there may be more in the future or he just has that much art on file.

So what are your feelings on the project?  Do you love the game enough to purchase an artbook?  Is it too much of a stretch? Let me know what you think.

A link to the project can be found here

3 thoughts on “The Art of Fantasy Football by P. Ramos – Kickstarter

  1. I am a big fan of Pedro’s work, but I have to admit that I am a little on the fence about jumping on the crowd funding bandwagon. I feel like I got over the whole crowd funding thing, and I am not sure if I want to let myself get pulled back in.

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