White Dwarf May 2017 Review

Happy Birthday, Dwarf!

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary is the focus of the May 2017 issue of our favorite hobby magazine. After an extended period away from the periodical, I renewed our relationship last September with the big board game issue reboot. I have been pleased with the issues so far, particularly since the covers now feature illustrations again…something I’ve long missed. My son (10) enjoys this issue quite a bit as a new Age of Sigmar player and relatively new to the Games Workshop hobby. The many retrospectives sort of bought him up to speed with an overview of how White Dwarf began through to its current incarnation today.

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The New Blood Bowl Ogre Is Here!

Well, the new Games Workshop rookie Blood Bowl Ogre came out today, so I went to my friendly local games store and picked one up. I spent a little time assembling the mini and now with the Korn, The Paradigm Shift album wailing away in the background, I will show you a closer look at the mini.


The front of the box

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