New Blood Bowl Items on Pre-Order This Weekend?

For more than a little while now, reports have swirled that Games Workshop was working on replenishing stock of the Skaven and Dwarf pitch, as well as both the Skaven and Dwarf themed Blood Bowl dice sets. There was even an image of Reikland Reaver, Gouged Eye, and Goblin team dice that circulated the interwebs with reports that a release was imminent. Unfortunately, that release did not materialize then, but if Spikey Bits latest post about Games Workshop’s pre-release list for this weekend is accurate, then those dice sets and the Skaven and Dwarf pitch might finally be coming. They claim that the list is confirmed, and my experience so far has been that they are generally correct.

The items and prices that they list for Blood Bowl releases are:

  • Skaven and Dwarf Pitch: $38
  • Skaven Team Dice Set: $12.50
  • Dwarf Giants Dice Set: $12.50
  • Reikland Reavers Dice Set: $12.50
  • Gouged Eye Dice Set: $12.50
  • Goblin Team Dice Set: $12.50

I am lucky enough to have picked up the Skaven and Dwarf pitch, and both current sets of team dice from my FLGS, but for those who were not so lucky, now is your chance. Hopefully, this will put and end to the eBay scalpers that are charging ridiculous amounts for the few sets of dice that made it into the wild.

I will leave you with some pictures of the items that are reportedly going on pre-order this Saturday.

I will be ordering three sets of dice this Saturday. How about you?

7 thoughts on “New Blood Bowl Items on Pre-Order This Weekend?

  1. I really hope the pitch is true so I can play some home games with my kazadin outhouses team. My younger brother got the dwarf/ Skaven dice but I won’t tell you for how much of eBay.

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    • Amusingly enough, while I was sleeping, I got an email from Games Workshop saying that the “Dwarf Giants Dice Cube” was back in stock and ready to buy now! As I mentioned in the post above, I already have them, but I checked the Games Workshop site when I woke up and they are showing out of stock. Either they already sold out again, or the email went out a bit early since the rumor is that they will be available this weekend. I hope it is the latter, not the former of those two things. It would suck for them to be sold out already… again…


      • Yea, that surprised me too. I wasn’t that concerned, as I was able to get the Dwarf/Skaven pitches and eventually the Dwarf dice as well. The Skaven dice on the other hand…! If they really are going to be $12.50, I’ll be refreshing my browser all this weekend! Thanks for the update on those.

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        • Yeah, I know a number of people that missed out the first time. From what I have seen, most new releases/pre-orders get posted on the Games Workshop and Forge World sites (in the US) around 12:00 PM CST. Hopefully that will narrow down the window of your browser refreshes. 🙂

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      • Looks like I’ll be hawking the website trying to get the Goblin dice. I’m going to go with yellow and black for the team when I get to them so the dice would work well. Text me Mike if you see them for sale please 😉


        • I think I would have actually preferred that they didn’t tie the dice to particular teams. Kind of like the old blocking dice I got from the NAF. Just different colors, and then you can match those up with your own teams, no matter what color you painted the team.


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