Under the Brush: Ep 4

Well, it’s been 5 day since the last episode of Under the Brush, and despite my wrist being stubborn and not wanting to heal, I managed to get a little done this week.

All paints are in the Vallejo Game Color line unless otherwise noted.

When we left off last, I had only managed to finish the skin and base coat about half of the trench coats with Cobra Leather. I finished up the rest of the base coats, then washed the trench coats with Vallejo Model Dark Brown Wash. After cleaning up a little with the Cobra Leather base color, I did just a few edge highlights with Plague Brown.

For the shirts, I wanted to go with an almost nondescript grey color. You might say the kind of grey that you see used for “Army” t-shirts in the US. I used a base coat of Cold Grey. From there I applied a wash of Black Wash, then highlighted with Stonewall Grey.

Originally I was thinking about using a camo-ish green for the pants, but then I remembered that I don’t actually have any camo-ish green colors. As most of my paints are Vallejo Game Color, my greens are all pretty bright and vivid. With green no longer being an option, I ended up going with blue. I used a base coat of Imperial Blue, then applied Blue Wash. I tried something a little different with the highlights on the pants, and some of them worked better than others. I basically went straight from the base coat and wash, to edge highlights with 50% Imperial Blue and 50% Dead White. I probably could have done a better job, but hey, it was worth the try.

At this point, I have the flesh, shirts, coats, and pants done. I still have things like boots, belts/holsters, goggles, guns, backpacks for the Heavies, and bases to go. I would say that I am probably about 60% done with the gang. We’re going in to a three day weekend, so I hope to get some more painting done in between family time and cookouts.

As I have said before, for the sake of my sanity, I am only going for a tabletop standard with these minis, so they definitely will not be winning any awards. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the minis.









That’s all for today. I’ll post more when there is more to show! Let me know what you think.

5 thoughts on “Under the Brush: Ep 4

  1. Awesome to see another update.
    The contrast on the blue highlights and pants base looks a little extreme, but it also looks like the blue camo you might see on a GI Joe figure. Really likes the close ups of the minis and now I can see why people really like them. You can read their expressions and even feel the weight of their weapons from their stance. The charging Ganger is one of my faves. I probably would have been too tempted to go with different skin tones on these guys, but that might be outside their fluff. Glad to see you’re still going on this and hope to see more soon!

    • Yeah, like I said, I tried something new with the pants, and the results were mixed. Oh well… I stuck with the same pale skin color for all of them for purely fluff reasons. Generally speaking, with human groups I like to use a variety of skin tones, but I had a specific look in mind for these.

      • Yea, the pale skin works for the group. I just started to notice some looked like they have mixed ethnicities. I think the pants work overall. I bet they look just fine in person, the camera is always the worst enemy when showing off minis.

  2. Good post as ever, thanks. I just wanted to post to say that I am so stealing your painting rack! What do you use to hold the miniatures to their post?

    • Sorry… I thought I responded to this already, but apparently not… By all means, steal it! It was born out of frustration with other options. Maybe I should write a post about how I made it for people to check out… Is that something you would be interested in?
      As for your question, I just use poster tack to hold the minis on the top of the post.

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