Underworlds: Display Base

Unfortunately, I don’t get out to many Warhammer Underworlds tournaments, but for games I really enjoyed, I’ve always liked have a little display base for my models. Nothing fancy, just something big enough for a warband or team’s worth of figs. Living in a smaller home, storage is an issue, so making and storing something like a display base has to take a few things into consideration. Namely… a low profile. Fortunately, a friend had a spare Arcane Ruins set which provided exactly what I needed.

It’s a shame the Arcane Ruins are out of print. This one box has provided the terrain need for two Blitz Bowl boards, Dreadfane, and my UW display. The box includes a flat platform one can place the pillars and such on. I’ve opted to just use that platform on its own for this purpose. Gluing it to the glass of a picture frame, I’ve got a nice little framed display that’s not totally flat, but has some visual interest. The platform is a single piece of plastic with a low enough profile it barely passes above the framed border. Adding a few skulls and rocks so it matches the modeled underworlds bases, and I’m good to go.

Like, I said I don’t play Underworlds outside the home yet, but when I do my lot will have a place to stand around while waiting to get stuck in.

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