Under the Brush: Elven Union

Another entry in, Under the Brush. I guess last time I said I was all done with elves, well that’s partially untrue. I’m just done with elves for Lord of the Rings, clearly I have elves for other games to do. Like for Blood Bowl! Technically these were done well ahead of the Rivendell elves as I started the first six ahead of a trip to my brother’s so we could play some Blitz Bowl together. The rest of the team were finished in early April at the start of the lockdown in my area. But now I present to you the Lothern Archery!

First six are ready to Blitz!

If you haven’t read enough about Jeff talking about Blitz Bowl, I’ll just reiterate his praise. It’s a fun and quick game that gives you a taste of Blood Bowl while still being its own unique thing. Blitz Bowl Season 2 has come out, but it sounds like Barnes & Nobles has sold out already, I have yet to see one show up on the shelves of my local store.

I rescued a set of assembled but unpainted elven union models from the bits box of a local game store. Though the assembly was pretty shoddy, I gave these elves some love by filling in gaps and rebasing the minis that had been placed on the bases backwards (got to have those holes in front!). Then I bought another box off of James to fill out the team with catchers and lineman. I decided to paint them up in the colors of my favorite soccer team, Arsenal FC. I figured no team better represented the elven union’s potential for dazzling offense and a brittle backline always willing to cough up a goal/touchdown and lose a lead than my beloved Gunners.

First up on the roster list are the throwers. Pretty standard builds here just with different heads. Look at those noble throwers, just waiting to throw an interception instead of a game winning TD. Bless their little hearts.

Next are my favorite sculpts from the set, the blitzers. I love how this team models the 2nd edition elf team sculpts by Jes Goodwin which are my favorite from the old metal models. I prefer the hockey mask look over the bare face, but both are included for the sake of variety.

Next are the real star players of the elven union team, the catchers. I had the most fun converting these models to get some variety, including two female variants. It’s pretty easy to use the female torsos on the male bodies (not as easy the other way around I found). One of the female catchers is built on the same catcher body, but the other is based on a lineman pose. I like that it gives the impression that she has caught the ball and already turned her head looking for her next move and failed dodge roll.

Last but not least, certainly because with AG4 even linemen are capable of doing some typical elf bull$#!* … we’ll see how that changed in the upcoming second edition, but that’s not here yet.

And that’s all 16 elves!

4 thoughts on “Under the Brush: Elven Union

  1. Beautifully painted! Love the color choices. How did you do the white/grey? I’ve had to paint white a few times lately, and it’s such a struggle. Either too chalky or too runny and no cover.


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