Blitz Bowl: The Wood Elf Team

Blitz Bowl doesn’t have an official Wood Elf team…but the upcoming Blitz Bowl Season 2 does! In anticipation I went ahead and traded a sprue of Dark Elves for Wood Elves with @caseyrog I don’t have history with Woodies across any GW game, but I knew which approach I would take with the team.

I like to paint my Old World elves in colorful skin tones. I like the folklore tradition of elves being more supernatural beings and not just humans with pointy ears. Their stats certainly lend support to them having otherworldly origins. So, my Dark Elves are light blue in the classic ‘night elf’ style of the 80’s. My High Elves are all white like Elric of Melnibone. The Wood Elves? As I wrote about in the Halfling team post, I’m a big fan of the Rankin Bass Tolkien cartoons, so they’re a grey/green hue with bright yellow hair as seen above in the still from The Hobbit. Those are the wood elves surrounding the party of dwarves.

Well, all bright yellow hair except for one. I really liked the cropped mohawk head on the sprue for the female thrower and thought I’d give a nod to the badass Annie Lennox, so fiery orange hair she has. Yeah, no elf in the cartoon has orange hair, and going yellow across the whole team may have been better for team cohesion, but I’m not setting out to recreate anything, but just use influences to inspire my little corner of the Blood Bowl universe.

The twig on the wardancer head had to go. It’s already a shame that the best player on the team has my least favorite sculpt, and he didn’t need a branch coming out of his head. The hawk beaked catcher is a fantastic model, imo.

On a trip to Hobby Lobby, I came across this Vallejo green grey, and pulling up the Rankin Bass image, it looked to be a perfect match for what I was reaching for. However, to my eye they seem to have ended up a bit more light bluish. I’m not going to repaint the team, but I feel like there may have been a better color out there. Bummer. It looked like it would be a perfect match.

The above line elf model is probably my favorite pose of the bunch. He reminds me of the classic 2nd edition team line elf. Of course, I’ve continued the worn brass for the coin and team marker.

So, that’s a wrap on the Wood Elf team. I’ll be interested to give them a run on the pitch when Season 2 drops. By and large I think I did ok on the team colors to match the classic Hobbit cartoon. I’ll probably be able to look past the skin. I just hope they don’t end up looking too similar to the light blue Dark Elves coming down the tunnel. Thoughts?


9 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: The Wood Elf Team

  1. Nice work on these Mr White! I like your line of thinking, and also share a lot of the same influences for Fantasy Elves. I have yet to paint my Elf teams though, so I’ll have to see what I end up doing. One question, what are you using for the bases? Looks like some sorted topper for a dungeon pattern? Maybe a Green Stuff roller? Would love to hear more about it.


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