Roswell ’98: This valley is just one long smorgasbord.

I’ve written previously about these models and their inspiration, so this is a bit of a push post. I’ve got some other models I had planned to post on this weekend, but there’s a cold snap here putting my Dullcote spray sealant plan on hold. I decided to get a shot of these graboid-like creatures with a Roswell ’98 UFO in the background so I can go ahead and get these tagged together.

So, here’s the not-graboids from Tremors using Thorn Crawlers from Mage Knight and created from fluids that leaked out of the UFOs and seeped into the soil. For Zona Alfa, these will be large mutants and the mound entrance hole can serve as an mission objective deep on the table with a high threat level. In games of Gaslands, these are the creatures for the ‘Big Game Hunt’ scenario where the mound serves as the center point of the board as seen in the photo below.

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