Blitz Bowl: Elven Union Team

I’ve had the models for the Elven Union team for a long while, but struggled what to do with their colors and theme. I didn’t have too much for them, so they just stood in my storage bin, sadly unpainted for a long team. It wasn’t until I decided to lean into their fluff of a collection of different elven types that became inspired enough to put paint to plastic.

Elven Union teams came about in the “4th Edition” of the game in the early 2000s. If I remember correctly, it’s because GW commissioned some new elven team minis to be sculpted so cooked up some new fluff to justify selling them as a new team.

Apparently, it’s a collection of Wood, High, and Dark Elf players from underfunded various teams. To represent this on the pitch, and to help differentiate the minis by positions, I’ve gone: Wood Elf for the Catcher, a Dark Elf for Blitzer and High Elves for the Thower and Linemen.

For team colors, I went with a tribute to the defunct XFL’s Birmingham Thunderbolts, though my purple isn’t as rich nor my yellows as bright. I’m also giving the ol’ gridiron team another nod with the team name for this iteration…Britesun Bolts.

I couldn’t really get any of the transfers to find a home on the models, so the numbers go on the proud elven posteriors and the team captain has an insignia on his chest (above). Coin and team marker continue the aged brass look as I’ve done for all my teams. With these elves done, the only official Blitz Bowl teams I have left to address are the Skaven and Lizardmen.

7 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Elven Union Team

    • My thoughts exactly. I would wager that design decision was intentional as these look quite inspired by those Jes Goodwin classic elves. If only there were a mohawk head or two.


  1. Nice basework! The motley elf idea is a great one! I’m struggling with inspiration for my wood elf team. Maybe an XFL perusal will jump my painting drive. Thanks for the “jolt” – ah,ha,ha. ahem.


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