Xenos Rampant: The Martian

Here’s the main antagonists of my little Roswell ’98 setting, the aliens that have come back 50 years after the ’48 “weather balloon” incident. A lot of angles I had bouncing around in my head to use “cult” style minis from two great 20mm lines solidified in this detachment.

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Shadespire: Eyes of the Nine

I have been a fan of the models produced for Shadespire  since they where first released.  While I will always prefer multi-pose models over single pose, credit must be given to Games Workshop with the quality of their plastic models.  They are clearly years ahead of their competitors and I personally believe that their line of Shadespire and the follow on edition models are some of the best.  While the idea of a quasi-collectable card game is not normally in my wheelhouse, I just couldn’t resist the temptation of the models to give them a try.  Using my new airbrush toy, the Eyes of the Nine where the first to go for a full spin. Continue reading