Blood Bowl: Sabretusk Coach

Despite the blog being more quiet than usual, I have been working on projects, so Wyrd Stones & Tackle Zones will have some new content over the coming weeks. For now, here’s a mini post on the coach for the Mourn Mountain Sabretusks.

He’s a Citadel Finecast Frost Sabre with a saddle and chain rein added. The “brains” of the operation sits atop showing disapproval for all the boneheads on the pitch. In my headcanon, the team’s colors are an exaggeration on the colors of some mourn mountain pride of frost tusks, going with more bold reds and blues than the actual creature. The paint job didn’t come out as well as I would have liked, but I think the idea comes across ok.

4 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: Sabretusk Coach

  1. That’s an awesome idea for a coach! Love the expression on his face. Pure disdain. You can tell his team has been rolling their fair share of Boneheads this game, haha! The cigar is a nice touch too! 😀


    • Thanks! It seems like the idea came across as desired. Wrapping the mascot and the coach into one model seemed like a fun thing to attempt. The Gnoblar was to small for me to attempt any real greenstuff conversions, plus I’m not great at greenstuff freehand modeling, so the cigar is an attempt to make him look like a coach.

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    • Thanks for checking it out. As you say the low model count is one nice feature another is that it’s had a pretty healthy community for over 30years with a ruleset that hasn’t changed _that_ much. Amongst the flurry of available games out there today, BB is like a comfy pair of jeans that seemingly never wears out.


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