DungeonBowl: Chests and Portals

I’ve already got plenty of Blood Bowl models on dungeon tile bases (for my Blitz Bowl collection), so the recent re-release of GW’s DungeonBowl was an easy “yes”. I already had all the team models that came in the DB set, as I had been collecting them for Blitz Bowl. The only plastic in the DB box left to paint were the treasure chests and portals.

The chest were certainly the easiest to do with a simple wash of Wyldwood contrast paint for the wood. I went ahead and affixed the chests to the same sort of dungeon tiled bases I use for my team models. I’m a bit of a fan of basing terrain and grubbins as I feel it helps tie all the bits together, helps visually ground the pieces to the board, and sets them at the same level as the player models. I also went ahead and glued the chests shut and have opted to use the popular optional rule of “roll a d6 (adding +1 for each chest opened) and on a ‘6’ the ball is found”.

The portals were a little trickier. I originally went with a purple color and thought it looked ok. A little darker than I wanted, but fine. It wasn’t until I actually looked at the portals in the DungeonBowl dugout boards that I realized the magic portals emitted blue. My portals were already painted and sealed purple, but I attempted a repaint. I’m still not 100% happy with them. They could be a little lighter. I did finish them off with some ‘Ard Coat so the center area looked ‘wet’.

So, there it is…my DungeonBowl is painted. Well…not entirely. It’s a _great_ game, better than I would have guessed. I’ve decided it is my ‘dungeon crawler’ as it were. I’m no longer going to try to paint out complete sets of Warhammer Quest and the like. What that does mean though is that I’ve got some future plans to enhance my DB dungeons with more 3D bits.

4 thoughts on “DungeonBowl: Chests and Portals

  1. Nice work and congrats on getting a whole GW game painted up in no time! That doesn’t happen very often, haha! Couple questions: Did you ever play the original Dungeon Bowl? I have those same stone bases. So I’m curious, did you magnetize the bottoms for storage or anything? I found I could glue a washer underneath and it just raises the base slightly that most people wouldn’t know. Hollowing out the material below seems like it would be a major pain to try and get the washer flush or adding a magnet though.


    • You know, I never did play the original and I had some misgivings about this one, but it’s a lot of fun. It’s probably my favorite way to play BB as a one-off game since the game ends with the first touchdown scored. I do magnetize the bottom with small magnet. I do hollow out a small hole in the bottom by hand using a drill bit, and you’re correct. it’s a pain. ha! I’ll have to do a future post about my BB storage solution.

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