Blood Bowl: Chaos Cup Legacy Team

Every September, the biggest Blood Bowl tournament in North America, and probably the Western Hemisphere, takes place in Chicago, Illinois. This year is the 20th anniversary of the event and the tournament organizer has themed it around the old-school Slann team of second edition fame. So, with space frogs as the tournament theme, they’re also the Legacy Team for anyone opting to participate in the Legacy Team project.

The Legacy Team is a side project where coaches sign-up to paint one model for the team, then at the tournament all of the participating coaches have their names collected and a winner is randomly drawn from this pool. That winner takes home the team. I decided to lend my brush work to the event and ended up with a linefrog to paint, which I was able to get a model from WSTZ-James (@dkok). You can see the team this model came from in this post:

The models can come from any collection, but the colors are to use the colors of the event…blue and orange. Black base ring with number in the front and painter name in the back is also required. For this linefrog I wanted him to appear like he’s been a knocked on the noggin a bit too many times on the line of scrimmage, thus the big cloudy eye with small pupil.

I’m not really sure which team ruleset one would use with a team of Slann models. Maybe humans? Amazons? Elf Union? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see all the models collected as a set into an eclectic team.

8 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: Chaos Cup Legacy Team

  1. Looks great and that’s a cool concept. At first I thought he was an old Chaos Marauders mini I hadn’t seen yet. I wish I could go to Chaos Cup, maybe someday. Will be curious to hear how you did! 😃

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    • I didn’t do great, but had a fantastic time. Last year, I went 3-3…this year, 2-2-2. Not that different, but there were 160 coaches this year, up from last year’s 112. Anyway, Chaos Cup is moving next year to Orlando, FL and I think the new date is Nov 3rd.

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    • I took Khorne. I actually painted up a Khorne team fairly quickly to have them together in time for Chaos Cup. I’ve got a post on them coming up, but I might be focusing on any sort of orky projects this month…Orctober and all…

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