Blitz Bowl: The Ogre Team

While I was working on the Mournmountain Sabretusks ogre team for the local Blood Bowl league, I went ahead and tackled the Blitz Bowl version of the ogre team as well. However, instead of the same red, white, and blue colors, I went grey and yellow to maximize their gaming potential.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of the turn and score marker coin, but I went the same verdigris look as I do for all my sideline markers. Also, I used up all my non-runt punter ogres on the Blood Bowl team, but I knew that any BzB ogre team would have one runt punter and one non. For the non-runt punter (the ogre on the right), I had a leftover ogre from the BB20 (or BB Second Season Edition) box set.

Back to those grey and yellow colors…I painted them that way to match my dwarf BzB team because combined they can be a College of Fire DungeonBowl team. The College of Fire team is currently made up of Ogres, Dwarves, and some members of the Khorne team. I’ve got plenty of players here for a complete DB team and have already played several games with them. Currently, they play under the name House Dynamo. I need to source a coach for this team next.

4 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: The Ogre Team

  1. Great looking Blitz Bowl team! I guess I forgot that they had an Ogre team for Blitz Bowl! That would be a fun one to play and paint up. Nice call on the colors too, they look good and it’s awesome that you can match them up with the Dwarves for a Dungeon Bowl team. With all the mixing and matching nowadays, I’m wondering if shouldn’t have just painted all the models in two different team colors, haha!


    • There’s been some unofficial Ogre BzB team rules out there, but I think they are now going to have an official roster with the release of Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition this October.

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      • Ah ok, I had thought they had slipped by me. I haven’t played since I got the second edition of Blitz Bowl. I really need to break it out again and get some games in with my youngest. She is starting to get pretty good at games now, and could probably figure out Blitz Bowl. Maybe once I get the Amazon team painted. I’m still not sure if I’ll pick up the Ultimate Edition, there isn’t a lot in there for me. I imagine I’ll end up caving anyways.


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