Silver Bayonet: Outbuildings

Had two Renedra Outbuildings I picked up from Casey (@caseyrog). James (@dkok) started buying into Silver Bayonet, so I went ahead and assembled and painted the pair.

I believe these hard plastic buildings are fairly cheap. Maybe about $10 USD. They didn’t take my super glue as easy as I would have hoped, so being only about 6, simple pieces each they were a little tough to get together.

Painting however was a breeze. Two contrast paints and two drybrushes and these were done. Besides the basings the buildings themselves took less than an hour to paint. Easily.

I plan to ship these out to James, but I could see myself maybe picking up another set in the future. They seem pretty versatile for all sorts of eras and settings.

4 thoughts on “Silver Bayonet: Outbuildings

    • Yeah, I should have mentioned the paints. The roof was skeleton horde contrast with a bleached bone dry brush. The walls were wyldwood contrast with sylvaneth bark drybrush.


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