Blood Bowl: Orc Team Coach

Got in a quick hobby project before the Holiday…a new coach for my Orc Team using the recent Goff Rocker. Not many conversions here…an attempt at buttons on the guitar strap (in place of bullets) and added the goblin-in-a-football to the base to give the model a little more BB flair. Now all my greenskin models are painted up.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

6 thoughts on “Blood Bowl: Orc Team Coach

    • I appreciate it! I’m having some second thoughts on some of his colors (silver skulls and white shoulders on the jacket), but I should probably just leave as is and move on to other projects.

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      • Yea, can be a tough one. I’d go with your intuition and move on. We aren’t always going to get a perfect mini, but it’s one more done and a constant learning process!


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