Blitz Bowl: Spiked Obstructed Terrain

The excellent Blitz Bowl: Ultimate Edition brought two new pitches to the game. Following the use of coach dp36 in the Blitz Bowl Discord, one of the two matches up well with some of the spiked terrain from the Warcry Catacombs box.

I sourced a sprue of this Warcry terrain off eBay for about $20 shipped. Making use of spare models that I’ve accrued having bought multiple copies of BzB over the years, I went about converting this terrain set with player “heads” on spikes, a deflated ball on one, and a gnoblar scurring about. I also made use of a puddle effect hobby product.

For awhile I’ve been using a rotspawn model as an obstacle in the center of the arena for special matches. This terrain is perfect to dress that arena up as a rotspawn lair. I’m imagining it being an underground Crush arena in the shady part of some port town. This rotspawn having been captured or bought and raised in this pit for the purpose of adding spice to gambling on BzB matches. I might even add the rule of ‘spiked obstructing terrain’ where players blocked into them with a push result end up receiving a Kerrunch result instead. Or something like that. I mean, this terrain is sharp and disgusting.

This is the pitch that this bit of Warcry terrain matches well on. It appears to be sewer like with drains, tentacles, slime, and whatnot. Again, this all comes together to look like a creature lair adding a bit of thematic flair to BzB matches.

About halfway through the first month, and I’ve knocked down four of my 2023 goals already. I doubt I can keep this pace up, but it’s been a fun, rewarding couple of weeks.

2 thoughts on “Blitz Bowl: Spiked Obstructed Terrain

    • Thanks! The overall color is a little muted…shades of light greys and browns, but I didn’t want the background terrian to overwhelm the board with color. I prefer the player models to “pop” if possible.

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