Xenos Rampant: Ex-Military

My Roswell ’98 project, post-apoc at 20mm, has provided the opportunity to use models for a variety of rulesets. Originally, it was designed for Gaslands and Zona Alpha. Having played Lion Rampant last summer, I became a big fan of Daniel Mersey’s rules, so with the release of his Xenos Rampant, many of my R’98 factions are going to get fleshed out a little more.

First up are the addition of the Northstar Gaslands Bootleggers. I love this 20mm line by Mark Copplestone. It’s right up there with the classic Citadel Dark Future line. Despite there not being any pedestrian rules for Gaslands, I’m thankful Nick at Northstar had this line sculpted and produced. The best 20mm models on the current market, IMO.

Xenos Rampant uses models in sets of 5, so 5, 10, or 15. With the five Gaslands models above, I this put me at 12. Having boxes of those soft plastic Dark Alliance models about, I went into the Survivors and Redneck boxes to find three more to take my total to 15. These models are very soft with bendy plastic and a decent amount of flash. Not my favorites, but affordable and I’m thankful they exist because they can really flesh out units at this scale.

Here’s the whole group. 15 on foot and 3 vehicles. The others here I’ve showcased in the past. This could be a complete Xenos Rampant detachment (XR term for warband/army) itself, but what I was thinking I’d do is use these models anytime a Recon Infantry unit was drafted into a detachment. Recon Infantry Veterans might be more like it. I’m envisioning the bulk of their detachment being highway patrol models with a 5 squad unit or two of these Recon Infantry Veterans and maybe a unit of Scientists as Support Infantry.

Either way, with the 2023 theme of completing projects, this completes all my ex-military/redneck models at 20mm. It’s a pretty standard group of post-apoc/survivor models that will find use in any number of games.

8 thoughts on “Xenos Rampant: Ex-Military

    • Wow! That is some delay. I originally ordered it from my LGS, but they were having trouble getting it in and eventually told me I should look for it elsewhere. I dunno what was the hold up with XR. I haven’t had any trouble ordering other Osprey books. Anyway, it’s a great read!


  1. Great looking warband. I have Xenos Rampant but haven’t played it yet. I really like games that encourage you to mix & match miniatures from different sources, though.

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    • Agreed. It’s fun to shop around different lines to see what can fit your vision. This all started with a desire to find a way to use the classic Citadel 20mm Dark Future range. This warband contains models from that line, Northstar, Dark Alliance, and Greenlight vehicles.

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