Xenos Rampant: Three Creature Feature Detachments

Working on Post Apoc models for my Roswell ’98 project, has lent itself to being a large stepping stone to Xenos Rampant (XR) Detachments. This week, I painted up a handful of models that flexed what where Gaslands Scenario creatures and obstacles into their own Xenos Rampant Detachments.

First up is The Wyrm. Clearly inspired by the film Tremors, which is a personal favorite, I already had the larger graboid-inspired insects in the back to be used as the big game creatures in the Gaslands Big Game Hunt scenario. Each one of these is their own Single Model Unit (SMU) in XR. For variety, I picked up a few Reaper Bones Chthons to serve as the larvae stage for the larger creatures. These models can also be used for the “Did You Feel That?” variant of The Dead Raise option for XR Post Apoc games.

The 24 point Detachment build is as follows:

  • The Monstrous (SMU) (x4) 5pts – Greater Xenomorph w/ High-Powered Blades
  • The Larvae 4pts – Lesser Xenomorph w/ High-Powered Blades and Special Insertion

Next up is The Machine. Clearly, this is my Terminator knock-off. I had the eight Medium Xairbots (also from Reaper Bones) as sentry guns for Gaslands arena scenarios. In this case, I just added the one Large Xairbot to serve as the Avatar and the only Elite Infantry unit in my game. Maybe this group came to earth on the hunt for the greys who will be featured in a future post.

The 24 point Detachment build is pretty similar to what Mersey has for terminators in the XR rulebook:

  • Avatar of the God Machine (SMU) 8pts – Elite Infantry w/ Armour-Piercing, Mechanoid, and Force Field (Class I)
  • Hunter-Killer Machines (Reduced Model Units) (x4) 4pts – Heavy Infantry w/ Armour-Piercing, Mechanoid, and Force Field (Class I)

Third we have The Dead. This one is a blend of the Aliens and Zombie films, but here I’m having the zombies controlled hosts of the xenomorph. Perhaps the “queen” controls them as their bodies serve as incubators for xeno larvae. She’s a bit of a Cthulhu/Alien hybrid creature, but it was a model I had so thought it would work. Another Reaper Bones model, the Mi-go Eldritch Horror. In front of her is a unit of Elhiem Hive Hornets. She’s flanked by 20 plastic 1/72 zombies from Dark Alliance. Perhaps this lady found her way to earth as escaped cargo in a downed UFO? I already had the zombies for the Undead Gaslands scenario as well as the Hornets painted, so I just needed to put paint that Mi-go.

The 24 point Detachment:

  • The Queen (SMU) 8pts – Greater Xenomorph w/ Ponderous, Fearsome, Regeneration
  • Chitin Wave 6pts – Lesser Xenomorph w/ Swarm, Hive Mind, Fearsome
  • Host Pack (x2) 5pts – Militia Rabble w/ Ravenous Horde, Contagious, Fearsome, Special Insertion and Undead

I’ve got three other Detachments in-flight also only needing a handful of models to be fully realized. The other three are a bit more human centric and the focus of this little Roswell ’98 setting of mine.

5 thoughts on “Xenos Rampant: Three Creature Feature Detachments

  1. Great looking groups there and I like the monster choices! In the Machines pic, there is a yellow clad unit in the foreground. On the left, there is one in the middle that I was trying to figure out. Is it a robot, maybe? What mini is that?

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    • Thank you. That yellow robot model will be a little more prominent in the next post, but it’s a Small Xairbot from Reaper. There’s three robots in the Xairbot line… Large, Medium, Small. All three work great at 20mm scale.

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    • Oh man, that is a _great_ idea! The fellas I play Gaslands with are also in my Blood Bowl league, so we’ve enjoyed Gaslands as a one-off game away from the impact of campaign style play verses the “high-stakes” of BB league night every other week. Still, this idea sounds incredible. Maybe it’s something I try with just one other or maybe between BB seasons. Thanks for the spark!


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