Xenos Rampant: The Survivors

My fourth completed detachment, and the protagonists of my little Roswell’ 98 setting are The Survivors. I recently finished painting a few units for this band and I’ve got many, many human models painted at this scale now, so this detachment could easily go beyond the standard 24pts. This post will only address the 24 though.

Again, doing this project in 1/72 (or 20mm) was driven by the desire to make use of those excellent Citadel Dark Future minis. It’s a blessing that Northstar commissioned Mark Copplestone to also make some post apoc minis for Gaslands, even though Gaslands doesn’t have pedestrian rules, because those new Northstar minis slot right in with the Citadel sculpts. The largest organized group of models, when both lines are combined, are the Highway Patrol or Police. So, like the Main Force Patrol in the original Mad Max film, this setting has the law, and not some military, trying to keep civilization together.

  • Highway Patrol 6pts – Heavy Infantry w/ Heavy Weapons and Increased Squad Size

The SWAT unit here is made up of four Dark Future models with an Elhiem lady in the middle.

  • Special Weapons and Tactics 4pts – Recon Infantry with Sniper Team

The scientist unit above scavenges the alien and machine technology to reverse engineer weapons to assist the humans in their fight for Earth. From left to right we’ve got Dark Future, Elheim, 40k Tau drone with a Northstar Gaslands Implements of Carnage sprue weapon, Northstar Gaslands Corporate mini, and Reaper Bones Small Xairbot. The deathray drone is hovering slightly higher than I intended, but the super glue dried too fast for me to correct. Oh well. This is a support unit with that drone sorta slow hovering in place and blasting UFO tech death rays into the xenos.

  • Scientist Scavengers 6pts – Support Infantry w/ Indirect Fire

Posted previously, two units of ex-military/militia types are rolled into this detachment lending their firearms and experience to the cause of human survival. I see them as spotters for the scientist support unit as well.

  • Army Veterans (x2) 2pts – Light Infantry w/ Guerrillas

The last unit is a vehicle, and I’ve got four to choose from that would work. Ideally, this detachment would use one of the two Highway Patrol vehicles, but I’ll let the player decide.

  • Modded All Wheel Truck 4pts – Soft-skin Vehicle w/ All-Terrain, Technical

Here’s the whole 24pt unit. Looking at them now, these pics are a bit darker than I’d prefer, sorry.

Above is the same unit, but using the optional rule in Xenos Rampant to represent human/survivalist type detachments as Reduced Model Units with the rational being the human race is depleted and there’s a much smaller population. I’ve previously credited rules mentioned to Daniel Mersey, as the XR ruleset’s core is from his design, but I’m not sure if this option was Mersey’s or co-author Richard Cowen’s. Either way, I haven’t decided if I’ll go this direction or not. I do like the idea of a smaller band of scrappy humans, but at the same time…I’ve got a lot of painted figs at this scale I’d like to use! 😉

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