Ruined Building 3 WIP Part 2


We had family in this weekend to see the baby so with their attention diverted to him, I managed to get some more time to work on terrain. I was able to make quite a bit of progress and most of the basic construction is now done. Since the first post, I have added popsicle stick flooring to all areas, triangular foamcore pieces to the tops of the walls to prepare for roofs, a few extra windows, and lots of trim pieces. I think it is finally starting to look like something.

One of the things I run into from time to time, is that, contrary to what I read over and over again on various terrin building sites, I rarely plan to heavily when I build terrain. I usually just get an idea for a building in my head, grab some foamcore and balsa wood, and just start cutting away. As such, from time to time, I run into snags with where I want to go with a building. In this case, I originally wanted to do a flat terrace like top on this building, but I had already cut the balsa wood corners at a specific length and I decided I would go a different direction instead of trying to patch the two sections together. I decided, instead, to make a pitched roof like the two side sections but with a smaller, “lookout” type platform resting on the roof. It will be a little more work intensive but I think the result will end up looking better. I hope to have this one completely done by the end of next weekend.




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