Ruined Building 3 WIP Part 3


Another week, or so, another post. Currently, this terrain piece is probably about 75% done. Most of the painting is complete, which I do not usually do but if I finished building it 100% before painting, that would have made certain areas of the piece almost impossible to paint. As it stands, they were only extremely difficult. 🙂

Anyway, I only need to finish the roof pieces, and decide once and for all how I intend to do the small, “lookout” platform on the very top. I have that mostly figured out but I have to make a couple of decisions to finalize it. I also need to paint up and glue the ladders in place to provide access to all upper floors. That is a quick enough process. Hoping to have it 100% complete by the end of next week. Finding time to work on it with a 3 month old needing lots of attention has been challenging.

That is all for now!





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