Modular Bridges?!?

Here’s another idea I’ve been toying with… I have always loved makeshift bridges, and walkways between buildings in Mordheim. One of the biggest problems though is that they fall every time someone bumps a building. So I started thinking about attaching the bridges to the buildings themselves. But then I would be stuck with the buildings and bridges in one configuration, and that doesn’t work for me because I like to change things up too much. So I started toying with the idea of a system that would be modular, but still “lock” in place so that the bridges didn’t come tumbling down if someone sneezed.

I thought about the problem for a few months, toying with different ideas in my head. I kept running into a problem though… How to disguise the mounting system when not in use so it doesn’t LOOK like a modular mounting system. I tried to think of a way to tie the mount into a balcony or partially destroyed balcony and still make it look natural but couldn’t think of a way to do it… until…

It struck me that if my bridges were all going to be modular, why couldn’t my balconies be modular as well? I could just make a small handful of balconies in various states of destruction and simply hang them by the same mounting system that the bridges use. problem solved. Below are pictures of my prototype bridge and mounts…


This is a guard tower that I just started working on. You can see the mount on the front of the building about halfway up.


Here is a close up of the mount. Just made of balsa for now, and pinned to the wall of the building for a little extra strength.


Close up of the ends of the bridge. These tabs slide right into the slots on the mount. Also pinned for strength.


The bridge in place between two buildings. It’s a reasonably tight fit and just through casual bump testing, it seems to be holding well.

If I had a scroll saw or something, I could cut it out of a harder wood for more strength, but alas, I don’t. Refining of the idea will no doubt come after play testing, and the balsa wood mounts may or may not hold up at all, but I liked the idea of it if nothing else.

I have not made any of the modular balcony pieces yet but I will hopefully get one done in the next couple of days and post something.

More posts and more terrain coming soon!

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