Back to work!

It’s been a little while since I have posted anything. What can I say, being a dad is tiring, and time consuming. Having said that though, I felt like it was finally time to get back to annoying people on the interwebs! I have had several ideas for terrain swimming around in my head lately, and with a Mordheim campaign possibly happening in the spring, I decided that I really needed to get to work as I don’t yet have a full table worth of terrain. I usually only work on one piece at a time so I can really concentrate on finishing said piece, but now I’m worried that I won’t have enough time to get a whole table done so I am actually working on 6 pieces all at once. The idea is to get them at least functional, if not finished by the time the campaign starts. Unfinished pieces on the table are kind of a bummer, but not as much as a table with only 4 or 5 buildings.

As I progress with the buildings I will post more, but today I will start by teasing two pieces that I’m currently working on. One is a part of something that will end up being a much bigger idea if I can manage to pull it off right, and the other is kind of a table centerpiece.

I have recently been playing Bioshock Infinite and I was really taken with the visual of the GIANT winged woman statue that loomed over everything. That kind of got me thinking about how the impact of that kind of visual could work in a game like Mordheim. With that idea in my head, I headed over to my local hobby superstore and went to the Christmas decoration section(that stuff goes up mid summer these days…). After a bit of looking, I found a statuette that, while not perfect, would work. Here it is…


The statuette is bigger than it looks. For scale I have placed it next to a 5 story piece… The statuette is taller.

Now, the piece I have in mind will mainly be an atmosphere and line of sight breaking piece, but I also wanted it to have at least SOME interactivity with minis. With that in mind, I build a large pedestal base for it as an almost Statue of Liberty style piece. It works because most statues this large in scale, would have that sort of base to them. This is what I came up with…


As you can see, the statue now TOWERS over the 5 story building it is next to by a good four inches. The base is six inches by six inches, and will have plenty of room for barricading and minis to run around. All it needs is some detailing and “roughing up” and it should be a relatively easy to make, yet attention grabbing piece. Can’t wait to show it off when it’s done.

The second, aforementioned building, is the 5 story piece the statue is next to. It’s going to be a fairly simple guard tower, but I have thought up a way to make it connect to several other pieces in a couple of different places via a modular bridge idea I thought up. Now, if I can only pull it off properly…

That’s all for now! Hope I didn’t bore the two or three people who might read this too much!



I just wanted to add one more pic to reinforce the scale of this piece…


That’s a normal 28mm sized mini sitting on the base with the statue… BOOM! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Back to work!

  1. Well, I was able to use an old faithful trick. I soaked the statue in a half water, half pinesol cleaner solution for about 24 hours and then took a wire brush to it. most of the paint and glitter came off without damaging the plastic of the statue so I think I’m good.


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