My Blood Bowl Corner…

What is this madness? Two posts in two days? Is this a sign of the apocalypse? Nope, I just felt like trowing up another quick post to have something to do. I just wanted to share my Blood Bowl corner. This is where I paint and store minis and terrain supplies waiting to be worked on. I will not bother showing the actual painting area as it is pretty much a total mess at all times. Anyway, as I can not think of anything else approaching clever to write, I will get directly to the picture…


From left to right, the trophies/awards are:

Bugman’s Bowl 2016 – 1st Place

Bugman’s Bowl 2016 – Best Defense

Diablo Bowl 2016 – Fan Favorite

Diablo Bowl 2016 – Most Casualties

Diablo Bowl 2015 – Fan Favorite

Spiky Cup 2015 – Fan Favorite

Orclahoma Bowl 2016 – Stunty Cup

ROT Cup 2015 – Alamo Award (Back of the Pack… that was a rough day. lol)

ROT Cup 2016 – Best Defense

(In the back) Critter Bowl IV – 2nd Place

Before too much longer, I hope to have a nice glass display case to show off my awards and painted teams. Once I get that set up, maybe I will take another picture and write another post to show.

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