Gore Ball Kickstarter – Campaign Update AKA Even MOAR OGRES!!! and GOBLINS!!!

Recently I wrote about a crowd funding campaign that I came across from Word Forge Games. The campaign is for an Ogre team for their upcoming game, Gore Ball. I was really impressed by their renders and sample minis, and I like the fact that their Ogres look really similar in style to the current Blood Bowl Human team Ogre from Games Workshop.

Well, things appear to have been progressing nicely for the campaign as a NUMBER of stretch goals have now been unlocked. The most recent unlocked stretch goal is the addition of Goblins to the team. Why would you want Goblins with your team since the Blood Bowl rules clearly state that the Ogre team is made up of Ogres and Snotlings? Well:

  1. In my experience, most Snotling minis are just WAY too small, thin, and fragile. I have tried a couple of companies Snotling minis for Ogre team and in both cases, the minis were nice, but they basically disintegrate if you look at them wrong. Have a rogue die fly across the board? Then say goodbye to a Snotling mini! I think moving forward, I will be using Goblin minis as proxies for all my Snotlings. They are just MUCH more sturdy than the tiny Snotlings.
  2. Remember that the campaign is technically for minis for Gore Ball, not really Blood Bowl, though the minis can obviously be used for both games.

Here is an image with a current breakdown of the stretch goals from the campaign page:

That is a LOT of additional sculpts and options now available.

Since I have already written about what I think about this campaign, I will not bore you simply repeating myself, what I will do instead is include a few of the newer images that have been released, starting with some Goblin player concept images.

Shelly the Team Manager

Betsy the Cheerleader

Gladys the other Cheerleader

Banshee, THE female Ogre Player

Strap the Jock

Rodney the Ref

They also have a resin pitch as an option, though it comes in 48 pieces and requires assembly.

Unless my eye sight is failing, or I have forgotten how to count (either of which is a definite possibility), this image seems to show a pitch that is one square short of the standard width and two squares short in length of a Blood Bowl pitch, so this MAY be a Gore Ball proprietary pitch. If memory servers, a Blood Bowl pitch should be 26×15 squares, and this image seems to show a 24×14 pitch. Just be aware of that in case you are interested in pledging for the pitch!

There are also some options for swag if that is your thing, as well as a team bag for transporting your new minis, and some nice base and ball options. Those bases look like they would also work REALLY well for a Dwarf Blood Bowl team!

Well, I think I have rambled on enough for one post. I have to admit that I REALLY like these minis, and I am curious to know what you guys think. Let me know in the comments below!

The campaign only has THREE DAYS TO GO so if you like what you see here, get over there fast and make your pledge!

10 thoughts on “Gore Ball Kickstarter – Campaign Update AKA Even MOAR OGRES!!! and GOBLINS!!!

  1. I pledged for an ogre, couldn’t resist the hockey face mask. They mentioned that the renders would not be ready before the campaign ends. I wonder if they will put together a Troll team? I think a troll in similar style to their goblin concepts would be great. A great 2nd edition vibe.

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  2. I’ve waffled back and forth on this one quite a bit. Ultimately, the bearded ogre and hockey mask (too many) faced ogres are not doing it for me. The female ogre is decent, but I was really hoping for an exaggerated fist/gauntlet/pose, so I could snag her for Bertha Bigfist, and I doubt I would be able to mod a convincing larger fist for her. Cheerleaders are decent, and I do like cheers who match the team’s race. I haven’t totally talked myself out of it yet, but if I do end up pledging, it might be for only an ogre or three.

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    • Not sure if you have seen it but they just released a render of the star player model. He has a hockey-ish style full helmet and a great dramatic pose. Impressive in my opinion.

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      • Oh yea, Juggernaut looks pretty awesome. I’ve already got a Morg, so I don’t know that I need him. I really prefer the poses on all the Hockey mask Ogres, but with them being one piece, not sure how easily I could pull off a head swap with a Warhammer Ogre. At the price of these, I really think I should give it a try though.


    • I agree that the hockey mask thing might have been slightly over used, but I do like the beaded Ogre. Since I never seen bearded Ogres, if feels like something fresh.
      I would say you can still use the female Ogre as Bertha Bigfist, even though she does not have an especially big fist. I would say that her being a female Ogre player is close enough for a perfectly acceptable proxy.


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