Gore Ball Kickstarter… MOAR OGRES!

I had an interesting Kickstarter campaign pointed out to me yesterday. A company called Word Forge Games is running a campaign for new Ogre miniatures to be used with a forthcoming game called Gore Ball. Gore Ball sounds like yet another riff on the “Fantasy Football” tabletop game genre (i.e. another Blood Bowl clone), which I am not usually interested in. The reason I am not usually interested in them is because I figure I have Blood Bowl, therefore I do not really need tons of Blood Bowl-like games. However, I am interested in this Kickstarter due to the fact that the Ogre minis that the campaign will be funding look like they would fit in VERY nicely with the newest Games Workshop Blood Bowl Ogre.

Have a look at a few pictures…

This is the original Ogre mini from the campaign. Stylistically and physically, he looks VERY much like new Games Workshop Ogre.

Here is a size comparison shot from the Kickstarter page. The important comparison to note is the similarities between the two minis in the center. That is the Gore Ball Ogre right of center, and the Games Workshop Ogre left of center. VERY similar… which I am not complaining about.

More Ogres!

Moar Ogres!


The campaign is fully funded and now has several stretch goals unlocked with twelve days still to go. With these minis, you would very easily be able to add them to the existing Games Workshop Ogre to put together a very nice looking Ogre team. You would just need to lay hands on some nice Snotling minis and you are ready to go! I you are interested in an Ogre team and have not yet checked out these minis, hop on over to the Kickstarter page take a look before the campaign ends!

What do you think about these minis?

8 thoughts on “Gore Ball Kickstarter… MOAR OGRES!

  1. I hear you about not needing another FF game. I’ve tried others, and even though BB is sometimes less than perfect, nothing seems to compare.

    Now about those Ogres… nice find! Those are way cheaper than I’ve seen the GW Ogre. I was going to go stick with Ogre bulls for an Ogre team, but I think it’s going to hard to resist at that price. The only negative is that I’m not really crazy about the heads, and being one piece, it might be difficult to swap some of them out. The deciding factor might be a female Ogre, as I’ve yet to pick up a Bertha Bigfist.

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  2. I like the design, the masks do look very Bane-ish. The only confusion I have is that I need 6 ogres but some of them need to be unlocked first. Some more info would be nice.


    • If you scroll to the bottom of the campaign page, they show the list of stretch goals. The current stretch goal image is showing the £2000 stretch goal unlocked. If I counted correctly, that should be the tenth stretch goal, so a number of additional poses and sculpts have been unlocked at this point.


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