Full Beard Cup Previews

Warhammer Community shared some preview shots that were shared at the Full Beard Cup over the weekend at Warhammer World. Nothing particularly new, but painted versions of the new minotaur and the Underworld and Chaos Renegade tokens.


I’m currently working on converting up my own Chaos Renegades team so I’m looking forward to buying the official minotaur because I think it’s easily the best looking Blood Bowl minotaur GW has ever produced. But I’m guessing it’s a Forge World model so it will be $$ 😦


Looks like the Chaos Renegades tokens are the old Chaos All-Stars pink and green scheme. I was thinking about doing that for my team (the Silver Tower Denizens). Hmm … do I go classic colors or come up with another scheme?


And again they showed the Elf Union blitzer render which we’ve seen before.

6 thoughts on “Full Beard Cup Previews

  1. Excellent paint job on the Minotaur. I can’t tell if the fur is sculpted on or if the painter just added the look to it?


  2. Mikey, I personally love the pink/green color scheme on the old Chaos All-Stars team. It’s so out there, that it’s cool. Not sure I could pull it off, but I bet you could.

    As for the Minotaur. I wish he had more fur, but looks like a great Minotaur otherwise. I think I’d use him for a Chaos or Chaos Dwarf team. For the Chaos Renegades, I’m probably leaning towards a Willy or other non-GW miniature.

    Looks like with 4 Minotaurs, you can have them all covered. 1 for Chaos Renegades, 1 for Chaos Chosen, 1 for Chaos Dwarfs, and 1 for Grashnak. Not too bad.


    • Actually, I wrote this post 🙂 I guess people don’t realize WS&TZ is a group of us and not just Mike? I mean Mike does most of the posts, so I understand the confusion.

      Buying 4 Forge World minotaurs? Woof, that’s rich for my blood. I’ve also heard rumors of Forge World making some alternative trolls in resin. Which would probably sell like hot cakes because I have yet to meet someone who likes the plastic BB troll.

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  3. Sorry caseyrog! I first discovered this blog through Mikey via TFF, and then noticed that he’s not the only one writing for the WSTZ blog. Your post sounded so much like something that Mikey would write, I guess I mistook it for his! I probably need more coffee in the mornings.

    Yea, I couldn’t afford four FW Minotaurs. I meant minis in general. I’m basically starting fresh with my miniature collection for BB2016. Is it confirmed that the Minos will be from FW and not plastic? For some reason I was thinking it would be plastic. I’m trying to limit the expensive FW purchases.


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