Minotaur Pricing Confirmed


Via War of Sigmar, Forge World has announced what will be available at the Forge World Open Day. The minotaur will be 20 GBP and it will be Forge World, not a GW plastic release. Also the token packs for Chaos Renegades and Underworld Denizens will be 8 BGP each. I was hoping the two packs would be sold together, but that doesn’t look the case. Kind of seems like a lot of money for just a couple of tokens …

4 thoughts on “Minotaur Pricing Confirmed

  1. Well, shoot. Not sure if I will get the Minotaur now. It’s looking like all of my big guys, aside from the Ogre, are going to be Willy minis.

    The team coins and tokens price seems ridiculous. About $10.50 US dollar. Without shipping. You would imagine for that price, that they would at least include 2x coins and 2x tokens, like they did in the boxed sets. Plus throw in a couple balls.

    The symbols on the token bug me. For some reason I thought the tentacled ball was Chaos Renegades, maybe a nod to Lewdgrip Whiparm. I guess it’s because of mutation access on the Underworld Denizens? I don’t know, doesn’t make me really think of Underworld. The Chaos Renegades token has the Chaos symbol under a football helm, but that and the gauntlet are super generic. Especially for a team that is so diverse. I imagine I could just wait and use coins/tokens from the Chaos team, and there wouldn’t be much difference at all.

    I do like the look of the minotaur. If I find out he looks really good later on, maybe I’ll get him. I also like the Mushroom in Hand Underworld token, it looks very Underworld to me.


    • I hear you. I’ll probably pass on the Chaos Renegades token, which hurts as I’m building a team right now. Some balls would be cool, but since we haven’t seen any pics, I don’t think those are coming.

      I do really like that minotaur though and I think it will be my first Forge World purchase.

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  2. Yea, I have a feeling there are no balls. It would probably require some additional rules for them. I’m really not sure how many different rules for balls they can even come up with, so I’d be surprised.

    I’m kind of kicking myself for not backing the Willy Chaos Pact Kickstarter now. Their mino is pretty nice. I’d probably go for one of the older Willy minos for a Chaos Renegades team though. Will see, I think Impact miniatures will have them available for sale later on.


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