Under the Brush: Ep 2


My turn for Under the Brush! Well, more like Under the Exacto/Snips as these guys haven’t even been primed yet. OK, technically a few of them were primed before I started working on them. This bunch of brutes is my Chaos Renegades (formerly known as Chaos Pact) team the Silver Tower Denizens. See what I did there? Tying together two of Games Workshop’s recent boxed games … their season is over, but I plan on playing them again next season, hopefully I can get them painted up by then as we’re in something of a break. Read on for more pics!


The first player on my team to level up was my goblin. He rolled a normal skill, but all the guys on the Chaos Renegades (except for the big guys) can get mutations, so I gave him the two heads mutation which gives him a +1 when making dodge rolls, in combination with stunty and having dodge already, this guy is a dodging machine! Too bad he usually gets taken out of the game pretty early on. I also have a normal goblin mini I can use if he dies and I have to bring on a rookie gobbo. This conversion was pretty simple, I just glued two heads together and filled in the neck gaps with green stuff.

Next I started woking on my ogre. I haven’t attached his arm on yet as I plan to try magnetizing so I can use his original arm and give him a claw option. Big guys only get mutations on doubles though so it will probably be a while before he gets it (he hasn’t even leveled up yet). But I thought it would be cool to make him look more than your standard ogre you’d find on a human team. I’m rather partial to the spike claw, but others say they prefer the pincer claw.

This troll figure was given to me by a league member, it’s from the old Warhammer Fantasy Battle for Skull Pass starter box. Originally he was holding up a piece of an old dwarven statue, but I felt that was out of place on the Blood Bowl pitch. I know, all manner of secret weapons are snuck onto the field, but usually not by trolls! Oh, I should mention the arms here, and pretty much all the bits except for the goblins two heads came from the old, out of production Chaos Forsaken kit. The models themselves from that kit are pretty goofy looking, but the bits they provide have been excellent conversion material. Now the troll sports some nifty shoulder pads and a “Hands up! Don’t shoot!” pose or a “WTF ref? I just got fouled!” pose.


This was the first of the human marauders I converted up. Since my guys are from one of Tzeentch’s Silver Towers I wanted to use the bits that read as Tzeentchy or at least more generic chaos. Pretty simple head swap on this guy and addition of a shoulder spike and loin cloth.


Ditto for this guy.


Oh a shoulder pad swap! Had to cut away on the shoulder pad of the human lineman. I think I should have trimmed down the chaos shoulder pad a little, but I still like the way this guy came together. He sports one of my favorite heads from the kit and I think it really fits the pose nicely.


This guy sports what could possibly pass as a big hand or a claw mutation. Also, I suppose he has some short stubby horns that could pass for that mutation as well.


The face only a crazed, chaos worshiping mother could love!


I hear this guy is actually a really good kisser. I suppose this guy could have the tentacles mutation. I’m not entirely sold on this guy’s head.


I plan on developing a passer at some point so I have this guy a little baby mutant arm. The head on this guy is from the Chaos Sorcerer that I had left over from a different project. I’m not sure it totally fits with the spirit of the mutant arm, but I liked the head for what passes (no pun intended) for the leader of the team.

And that’s the lot. I haven’t done anything on the skaven and orc models yet and I probably won’t. I also need to get a model for the dark elf as I’ve just been using a metal 3rd edition high elf lineman as a proxy for the moment. I think I’ll hold out for the upcoming Elf Union team to come out and use a line elf from there as a base for a dark elf conversion.

Green stuff is tricky to work with and it got built up too thick on a lot of these models, especially on neck areas where I was trying to fill in gaps. I’m debating trying to get some of it off and giving it another go. Either way, I think I’ll be picking up some liquid green stuff in the future to help fill in smaller gaps more easily.

9 thoughts on “Under the Brush: Ep 2

  1. Looking really good. Nothing beats a well converted team. Quick question, where did the troll arms come from? Are they forsaken as well


  2. I just started a Chaos Renegades team on Fumbbl. Mainly because I always wanted a team of models for the game. So I figured why not try them out first to see if I even like the team. Short story, they are a worthy addition to my Blood Bowl teams.

    I liked your conversions. That Troll looks much better than the one that FW released. The ‘arms up in the air’ pose reminds me of The Hulk, getting ready to smash some puny humans!

    All the different heads and mutant pieces really add to the flavor of the Chaos Renegades. It reminds me of the weirdness of the original Chaos All-Stars team. I’ll have to see if I can track down a Chaos Forsaken kit, as that looks like some great conversion fodder.

    If you painted this guy green, he could probably pass as the Orc lineman: https://mikeyc222.files.wordpress.com/2017/08/20170818_000350.jpg?w=584
    Though he looks more like a D&D Orc than a Warhammer one.

    The Goblin with Two Heads is cool (but could probably use another picture from a different angle) and it reminds me that I haven’t taken full advantage of the mutation access on my team. Time to get cracking on that!

    I’d give Vallejo’s Plastic Putty a try, I blogged about it recently: https://doubledowndice.wordpress.com/2017/08/15/of-miniatures-and-putty/

    Great stuff and will be really cool to see them get painted as well!


    • Thanks doubledown! I started the season playing high elves and was getting demolished, my team was a wreck. We ended up restarting the season and I wanted to switch teams, but nothing sounded exciting to me. Then I started thinking about Chaos Renegades. I’d never played them or against them and the modeling opportunity sounded like a fun challenge.

      I actually have an orc lineman, he’s lurking in the back in the top pic. I haven’t made any changes to the model, not sure if I will.

      You’re the second person today I’ve seen recommend the Vallejo Plastic Putty, I’ll have to give it a try, thanks!

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      • Same here, never played with them or against them. How did your team fare during the season? So far it looks like my team will end up ranked somewhere in the middle. We are playing 3 teams each, and I think I need to spend more time thinking about the Chaos Renegades and how to play them. I feel like I’ve really underutilized them and they have a lot of potential. The downside is their lack of skills at the start, and you have to be careful or you will have three big ‘useless’ players on the field. I tend to only activate 1 of them at a time, so I always have two roadblocks.


      • DoubleDice, I finished second in my division of three players, so I didn’t make the playoffs. I had 3 wins, 2 losses (1 a concession because I couldn’t get a game scheduled) and 2 draws.

        For my starting roster I only had two big guys so I could maximize rerolls. I went with troll, ogre, skaven, goblin, dark elf, orc, 5 marauders and 4 rerolls. To me, the chaos renegades feel pretty similar to vanilla chaos as they start with so few skills but the players have the potential to be developed into any role you want. The skaven, dark elf and goblin are your best scoring threats. The skaven with his extra movement is nice to get around the field, the dark elf means you can reliably pick up the ball when needed and the goblin can get anywhere it wants. The orc really didn’t do much of anything besides sit on the LoS all season and act as a punching bag due to his AV9.

        The big guys are … well they are big guys. Some games they would break armor left and right and other games they would fail their nega trait roles and were just utterly useless.


  3. Really nice converts. I’m working on (nearly finished) a Renegades team and couldn’t bring myself to chop up my human B-B team, so I bought a box of Chaos Marauders, and using my bits box, was able to get a lot of decent “football-y” poses. Now I kind of wish I had bought a 2nd Reavers box, and mixed it up a bit more. These are pretty boss.


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