New Chaos Dwarf team by Gaspez-Arts Coming to Kickstarter

By all reports, the next Blood Bowl team coming from Games Workshop will not be available until November. Why is it going to take so long? It has to do with the decision to switch from Forge World resin to Games Workshop plastic and the long production times for that. In the meantime, there are still plenty of indie companies running crowdfunding campaigns and releasing new teams all the time. Case in point… the new Chaos Dwarf team coming from Gaspez-Arts.

For the record, I have always been a 3rd edition Games Workshop Chaos Dwarf guy. What can I say? I like big hats… Anyway, there have been a number of Chaos Dwarf teams from different indie companies over the years. In fact, Gaspez-Arts themselves already have a Chaos Dwarf team that they released a few years ago, but none of these other Chaos Dwarf teams have really resonated with me before. That is, until now…

Gaspez-Arts have announced that they are getting ready to start a new Kickstarter campaign for their new Chaos Dwarf team, sculpted by Raffaele Stumpo. I was not aware of Raffaele’s work before now, but I will be paying attention from now on. Let’s take a look at a few images of the minis he has sculpted for Gaspez-Arts.

Here is a group shot of three of the Chaos Dwarves. What I really like about these minis is that they pay tribute to the old big hats and Persian beards of the 3rd edition Games Workshop minis, without copying that team. To me, they feel like a modern interpretation of that classic look. Same basic feel, but with more spikes and details.

That is one SOLID looking Bull Centaur. He’s MUCH thicker than the classic Hthark the Unstoppable from Games Workshop. Hopefully he isn’t too big on the pitch with other minis crowded around him. The Hobgoblin is decent, though I do prefer the classic 3rd edition Games Workshop look for Hobgoblins.

Gaspez-Arts also posted pictures of several more minis for the team on their Facebook page.

A second Bull Centaur

A fourth Chaos Dwarf sculpt

A second Hobgoblin

Two Chaos themed footballs

Team themed counters

For even more pictures, be sure to check out the Gaspez-Arts Facebook page. There is no word yet on exactly when the Kickstarter for this new team will begin, but check back often for updates, as we will be following this campaign closely.

What do you think? Are you excited about this new team?


I have received a little more information from Gaspez-Arts about their new Chaos Dwarf team. The campaign should launch on Tuesday, September 5th, the team will be available in metal and resin, and there will be an Early Bird free Chaos Dwarf mutation mini for people who back the team on the first day. Gaspez-Arts even sent me a picture of the Early Bird mini!

I don’t know about you, but I think that Chaos Dwarf mini is yet another win for this team!

6 thoughts on “New Chaos Dwarf team by Gaspez-Arts Coming to Kickstarter

  1. Yea, I’m watching this one pretty closely. Seems they would fit really well with my BB2016 collection. Big hats, but not overly silly. Also really like the Mongol-inspired hats on the Hobgolins. “Fourth Chaos Dwarf sculpt” is my favorite so far. I hadn’t seen the second Chaos Bull yet, and that one is even more awesome. Any chance WSTZ will be getting a set to review?

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    • I have reached out to Gaspez-Arts. We’ll see. What I would like to do is get a review set, then give them away to a reader of the site once we are done with the review. But again, we’ll see.

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  2. Thanks for the update on the timeline and the pic of the bonus mini. I think the only other key piece we have yet to see is the Minotaur. So far they are batting a 1000. I think I’ll be backing this one…and then when the minis arrive, lining them up against my 3e Chaos Dwarves to make the tough decision of who stays and who goes! At least I haven’t gotten around to painting them yet.

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