Crowd Funding Round Up: September 2017

Since it was re-released last November, by all reports Blood Bowl has been selling very well for Games Workshop. Since Blood Bowl 2016 was announced, many people have voiced concerns that Games Workshop re-releasing the game would put many third party mini companies out of business. It would seem that those fears were unfounded, because new crowdfunding campaigns seem to pop up on an almost weekly basis. With so many new campaigns starting all the time, I thought it would be a good idea to start a running series with a monthly collection of current Blood Bowl related crowdfunding campaigns. I won’t go into as much detail in these round up pieces as I do when I write about a specific campaign that I am excited about, but I will write enough to keep readers as up to date on current campaigns as I can. September brings us no fewer than five crowdfunding campaigns, so let’s take a look at what all is available this month!

The Chicken Devourers – Halfling team (Star Player Miniatures)

The first of two Halfling teams this month comes to us from Star Player miniatures. The team was sculpted by Israel Delgado, and in my opinion is one of the nicer looking Halfling teams I have seen in a long time. The players have a LOT of humor and a LOT of character, which I feel is very important for a Halfling team. A couple of the size comparison pictures make them look a little big for Flings, but I guess that is just part of everything going to 32mm scale. The campaign has already raised nearly three times its funding goal and still has 13 days to go. If you are in the market for a new Halfling team, this team gets my official endorsement this month. More pictures below.

Stunties Team – Halfling team (Rolljordan Miniatures)

So technically, this team does not have a current crowdfunding campaign running. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but the campaign was cancelled just over a week ago. According to an update to the campaign though, the molds are ready and the team can be ordered through the end of the month at the Kickstarter campaign price of 45.00€. As for the team itself, while I think the Treemen are interesting, I’m not a huge fan of the Halflings themselves. I think the poses and uniforms are good, the faces just look weird to me. Maybe I’m just spoiled to modern 3D modeled minis these days, as opposed to classic and imperfect hand sculpts. If you want to pick up this team, you can do so by emailing Rolljordan Miniatures at More pictures below.

I have previously written about this team, but since the crowdfunding campaign is still running, I will add them to the list along with the others… besides, this is hands down my favorite team this month, so I’m certainly interested in giving them another plug! The campaign has raised six times its funding goal and still has sixteen days to go… Obviously I am not the only one who REALLY likes this team. The Chaos Dwarves have huge hats, which I love even if others don’t so much, and even the weakest minis of the team (the Hobgoblins) still look nicer than just about any other third party Hobgoblins on the market. Third party Chaos Dwarf teams really don’t get any better than this, so if you need a one, jump on board! More pictures below.


I received a message from Gaspez-Arts and they let me know that they are working on non-Big Hat versions of the Chaos Dwarves (for you weird people that don’t like the hats), and they have added several more new pictures, including a 2-headed Star Player and a Hobgoblin cheerleader. This team looks GREAT so be sure to take a look!

Casualty Dice (Charlie Victor)

The next campaign on the list is not actually a team if any kind, but instead it’s a set of Casualty Dice. Casualty Dice are really just a convenience item as they aren’t required to play the game. They do make it quicker and easier to know exactly what kind of injury your player has sustained, which is very nice and it helps to keep the game rolling (no pun intended) along. With these dice, there is no need to flip through the rule book to find any tables. You know the result of the casualty immediately. The campaign has raised almost six times its funding goal and still has 10 days to go. If you’re a dice collector, you should definitely check out this campaign. More pictures below.

Wicked Teams plus Pitch & Dugouts – Multiple teams and accessories (Txarli Factory)

The final campaign on this list is a little different. It takes an approach to teams similar to Blood Bowl 1st edition. Instead of miniatures for teams, it actually uses cardboard standees, that slide into standard 25mm round slotted bases. Options include Skaven, Dark Elf and Goblin teams, as well as a really nice looking neoprene pitch and Dugouts. The campaign has raised more than twice its funding goal and still has twelve days to go. If you’re looking for a full sixteen player team for a low price, and aren’t interested in having to paint any minis, this campaign might be worth looking into. More pictures below.

Well, that pretty much wraps things up for crowdfunding campaigns this month. As you can see, the independent Blood Bowl market is still very much alive and well. What do you think? Are you interested in any of these campaigns? Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Crowd Funding Round Up: September 2017

    • Actually, I wasn’t aware of this campaign. I will add it to the list a little later today. It’s definitely nice, though I agree that it would be cost prohibitive for most players.


  1. If I did not already have a Halfling team, I would definately go in on the Chicken team, they look fun and light hearted in the sculpts. The Roll jordan models are bizarre. They usually have some of the best sculpts (I went in on their Norse KS) but these halflings look horrifying. If you look at the sculptors other designs, he seems to struggle with faces as in this example of his work.
    Or perhaps its just his style, either way I have no interest in it.

    The casualty dice are a neat idea, but the costs have kept me out. Two set for 32$ is just a bit out of my realm of need vs want. In fact for that price I could just have a pair of my own custom made in high quality 3d from Also, he went with indigogo instead of kickstarter. I think that is a mistake. I no longer support projects on indigogo as I dont like their funding system, I prefer Kickstarters all or nothing system.

    Lastly , the wicked teams campaign is interesting but a bit out of my price range for what I would use it for. If they had made all teams available, that would have been really great for game demo’s and league loaner teams. Here is another project in Euro’s where the value for me is just not there.Three teams for about $41 to me is way over priced. Especially when I know roughly how much the cost of cardboard printing is from China for boardgame cutouts.


    • Actually, to me the faces in the link you posted are much better than the faces of those Halflings. I think it’s a decent team, but with the Star Player Halfling team hitting at the same time, the Rolljordan team is facing awfully stiff competition.
      With the Casualty Dice, I think their biggest selling point is the ability to keep the game going and have fewer pauses to check the rule book. They are definitely on the pricey side, though. With the Wicked Teams campaign, I think the pitch is the best part, though I do already have 7 other pitches of one type of another…


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