Pictures of New Elf Union Items Released Online

A post on has shown off several images of new Elven Union related products for Blood Bowl. The low-res images show several new products including a new double-sided Elven Union pitch with on well manicured pitch on one side, and a frozen ice pitch on the other. Also shown is a single Elven Union die, an Elven Union team card pack, a package of card sleeves to fit the odd sized Special Play Cards complete with BB logo, a single random card with an image of what appears to be the Halfling Ref shown, and best of all, two images of the team sprues which look to show the Elf Union team as old school style multi-part plastic minis for maximum customization.

It is rumored that all of these items will be released by the end of the year. While they all will be automatic purchases for me, I admit that I am most intrigued by the “Elven Union Team” deck of cards. It looks to be a full deck, so I am very curios to see the contents. Perhaps it is just a set of team reference cards like those for the Humans and Orcs that come in the boxed set, as well as some new standard Special Play Cards, but maybe they are Special Play Cards that are somehow themed directly around the Elven Union team. Time will tell!

See all the new images below:

What do you think about the new items?


Reddit User machine_says_yes has posted a link to the Warhammer TV Twitch video where these images originated from. In order to watch the video, you must have a Twitch account and pay to subscribe to the Warhammer TV channel, but machine_says_yes provided the following recap of the Team Card Pack:

  • Reference cards for each positional
  • Star player reference cards
  • Blank reference cards that can be filled in/updated (pencil will work on these)
  • Special play cards, themed around the team (but can be used by any team)
  • Blank card for recording match results
  • ‘How to use these cards’ card
  • Red card (with picture of halfling referee), just for fun

Interesting information. As with everything else, I am looking forward to adding these pieces to the collection.

5 thoughts on “Pictures of New Elf Union Items Released Online

    • I like the new sprues as well and am glad to see a little more flexibility. The post is now updated to include a little more information gleaned from the Warhammer TV video where these images were taken from.


  1. Yea, I want those models, of course. The sleeves I can skip. The dice, well, you know me, even if I say “no” now, I will eventually say “yes!”. Cards, not as sure about. It’s cool to have special play cards, but positional cards with stats aren’t as useful as a team roster. Kinda “meh” about that one. We already have one Grass pitch and if you were really lucky, a Snow one to boot. I probably don’t need 12 or more boards in my closet, so it will likely depend on any sort of additional rules they add to those pitches.


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