June “Turn It Up To 11” Painting Challenge Results


As I mentioned in my last Under the Brush post, the challenge for June was to paint 11 miniatures in honor of Jason’s birthday on June 11. Eleven just happens to be the starting number of a Blood Bowl team and I just so happened to be preparing a new team for my league’s summer season, so it was almost as if the stars aligned.

Read on to see our results.

Jeff was the first to complete the challenge. As the challenge was any 11 models or pieces of terrain, Jeff went all out on finishing up bits and pieces for his various projects, including a complete Sepulchral Guard warband for Shadespire and his converted varghulf for his Age of Sigmar Flesh Eater Courts army. Not only did Jeff finish first but he went above and beyond the 11 pieces painted. Show off.


Jason finished next with 10 more Namarati Thralls and the Isharann Soulscryer for his Idoneth Deepkin army for Age of Sigmar. Jason has really done a great job on the excellent Deepkin models balancing the cool ocean blues with warm golden weapons that reflect the sandy beach bases.


And of course, I came in last, because I’m slow like that. Finishing one day before the deadline. Whew.

As you can see from my last post I’ve painted up my skaven lineman, blitzers and throwers and two more goblins. I forgot to take individual pics of the throwers as I did them over the course of two nights. They’ll have to wait for a proper photoshoot.

And the centerpiece for the team (and center of the line of scrimmage) the troll! I’m pretty pleased with him, I think he’s the favorite mini I’ve done since I started painting last year.

Usually, and I say “usually” but this is only the second paint challenge we’ve done, the person who finishes first gets to pick the next month’s challenge. Jeff was traveling back from vacation and deferred to me. I decided for July we’d take part in Azazel’s (from Azazel’s Bit Box) Jewel of July paint challenge. The goal is to paint something cool like a hero, monster, wizard, tank, big piece of terrain, etc. Basically paint anything that’s not a humdrum squad unit or bit of scatter terrain. You can read all about it here.

6 thoughts on “June “Turn It Up To 11” Painting Challenge Results

  1. Hey, you guys have done some great work here all around, and glad to have you on board for July. Would you like me to include (all of) your stuff in the June round-up as well? – with the caveat about your “11” challenge being the *actual* thing you were all concentrating on?


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