Under the Brush: Cleavedhead Barrows pt 4 for Tale of Tuesdays


Hard to believe that this project is still a work in progress.  After decreeing that it would be completed by the end of 2017 it is still trucking along.  In all fairness I had to move and leave the country for a bit which made painting impossible for a good chunk of time.  Upon my return I’ve been in an out of school and my work tempo has been through the roof.  Still, I try to work on the project when time allows and keeping with the Tale of Tuesdays Blood Bowl challenge, I thought I would provide an update of my progress.

First to tie up the unfinished models from my previous post.  The Wights and Werewolves are finished up with the bases finished and the custom transfer numbers added.  The Werewolves didn’t have enough shirts left to add any number on them, but the wights had enough open real-estate to take some direct numbers.  Overall I am very pleased with how these models turned out.  I think the werewolves and wights are some of the best models on the team.  The capes help the wights stand out on the pitch.  The werewolves are healthy sized beasts and the models are great.  But I haven’t spent the last few months just getting some grass and transfers attached.


Its time for the big guys!  These guys have been an absolute pleasure to paint due to their sheer size.  After dealing with the fine details of the wights armor, these guys have been a blast to paint.


The challenge on the mummies was what to do with the bandages.  At first I was tempted to color them to match the uniforms, but I thought it would be kind of awkward to get looking good.  In the end I decided to keep them a parchment color and I personally think it turned out well.


FRANK looks crooked in the photo, but on a flat surface it looks level

I had a bit of fun with some letter transfers on the golem and decided to give him a NFL style name on the back of shirt.  While it would have been fun to add them to all the players, the golems are the only models with enough open space and a shirt to make it work.


I wanted to get numbers on the mummies and the only available spot was their battered shoulder pads.  It was a hassle to get numbers of the correct size in a good looking spot but I am pleased with the final result.  The skin on the golem I think turned out very nice.  I used a pale skin recipe with some purple shading to give it a deathly hue.  The ‘stitches’ holding his chest together are a bit lost on the pale skin.  Perhaps I should have gone with a darker color, but at this point I’m not in the mood to try and repaint anything in this project.


For those that like to talk technical stuff, to break up the large leather boots on the golem, I added some scratches to the leather to give it a nice worn look.  While I’m far from an expert I like how it turned out.  To the naked eye it makes the leather much more interesting to look at.

So what does this progress mean?


It means after a very long time, I now have a fully playable Undead (Shambling Undead)team!  Currently it stands at a roster of 14 using 2 skeletons.  I still have three zombies and one more skeleton to finish, so once complete it will accommodate 15 players with up to 3 skeletons.


For the Necromatic team they are still missing a second golem and the three other zombies to get them ready for play.  Additionally there is a couple of coaching models that will work for both teams in the pipeline and a star player, but that is for the future.

It seems weird to be getting close to the end of the project.  Could it be finished by the end of the year?  What could I do for a new project?????



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