Under the Brush: Finishing the Blood Bowl Wood Elves

While I have written multiple times on the Games Workshop wood elf team here, here, here, and here and posted about the treeman here, I promise you this is the last post I’ll write about this team. Well, mostly promise. What if I add more star players? I probably won’t … but I might. As of now though, they are 100% done. So let’s see what I’ve added since I first started this project way back in the summer of 2019.

After finishing the initial 12 players, I always meant to go back and round out the roaster with some more players and I knew some day GW would release a treeman but it took more than a year for it to come out. It was the treeman’s release that got me motivated to finish the team. I decided to paint up my treeman in a similar style to my Warhammer Underworlds sylvaneth warband (which is another covid-19 project i completed in 2020 that I don’t think I’ve blogged about yet … I’ll have to rectify that). That is to say a white aspen tree, but instead of fall colors like my sylvaneth warband, to do regular spring/summer green leaves, in this way it would fit in with the white and green colors of my wood elf team but with a more natural look. Originally I had intended to use the wood elfy helmet on the treeman, but when I got Blitz Bowl 2 and a halfling bzb team for my birthday I decided to leave the mask off. That way I can use the humans, dwarves and halflings I acquired for Blitz Bowl and turn them into an Old World Alliance team for Blood Bowl. You can get a hint of what my color scheme will be for my future Old World Alliance team by checking out the helmet stuck in the treeman’s branches.

I’m not sure I’ll ever take four catchers on a wood elf roster, but I figured I may as well have the option. I decided to split a box of Athelorn Avengers with Mr. White giving me one catcher and options to convert a lineman into a catcher. The key difference between the catchers and linemen are their lack of shoulder pads, big belt buckle and their gloves. I selected the lineman body with the most catching pose and shaved off his little under shoulder pads and the connection points for the big shoulder pad. The belt buckle isn’t the same and he doesn’t have the gloves, but I hope it’s enough to distinguish him from the similarly posed linemen. It probably won’t ever be an issue as I stated above, using all four catchers at once is highly unlikely for me. I also used one of the catcher heads on the lineman body to help him stand out. And for the standard catcher pose, to avoid duplicate models with the other catchers, I used a spare wardancer head.

I also added two more linemen. A lot of suggested starting wood elf rosters include 8 linemen, so it’s very likely these two will see action in league play. Or at the very least, it doesn’t hurt to have extra linemen to use as journeymen when players get injured. Pretty standard here except I used different heads than go on these bodies as suggested in the instructions. The female linemen has the head of a thrower, but her face got cut away and I used one of the masked female faces. Subtle, but another original model.

Of course I had to make an Akhorne the Squirrel star player. This little squirrel is actually an option to include on the treeman, but since White Dwarf published rules to use him as a star player, I decided to go with that and put him on his own base. He’s a cheeky little model.

I also made a Willow Rosebark conversion. I’m lukewarm on the Forge World model, it’s ok, but it doesn’t look like the concept art in the BB16 books or this character. For my conversion I used the body of an Age of Sigmar dryad with the addition of Blood Bowl wood elf arms, I think one is from a wardancer and the other is from a lineman. I also included a shoulder pad and a facemask from the Blood Bowl kit to help tie her into my team and to stand out as a sports player and not a fantasy forest spirit.

And finally another star player conversion. Ever since Warhammer Underworlds: Beastgrave came out, I thought this model could make for a wood elf star player conversion. I trimmed him away from his scenic base and swapped his sword for the hand from a thrower. I know models holding footballs is a hot topic, but I don’t mind personally and I think it helps to distinguish Blood Bowl players from other fantasy warrior miniatures, especially in the case of conversions. I glued his hoof to a spare human player helmet (again the color of the helmet hinting at my future Old World Alliance team). Then I glued the helmet to the base, allowing for a sturdier connection point for the model. I love the pose that this model has, almost like he’s showboating as he scores another touchdown mixed with a Gladiator “are you not entertained?!” pose. I don’t have a specific star player in mind for this model, so I suppose it could be used for any of them really. I guess he would make for a good Dolfar Longstride but I’ve always associated that character more with high elf teams than wood elf teams. He could be a fresh take on Jordell Freshbreeze I suppose.

Wrapping things up, I realize I haven’t painted any of the tokens or balls for this team … or any of my teams, leaving the door open just a crack for another post about these time. I know right? To close out, here are pics of the entire team including the previously painted models.

4 thoughts on “Under the Brush: Finishing the Blood Bowl Wood Elves

  1. Nice looking team, and I really like the change-ups. That Satyr Star Player is awesome. GW really should make one. I think I would stat up my own. Really like how the paints turned out on you Tree too.

    I’m probably going to play my first game with OWA this weekend. I’m going with the Tree to see how it works out. I’m scrambling to get some paints slapped onto the Dwarf and Halflings in the meantime, but it will be fun to try out a new team at any rate.


  2. Great work, I love he customized players! You colors are different too, the blue grey looks like a perfect color for stone skin, which would be an interesting choice for a cursed team. I once made a team of obsidian black skinned dwarves to be different. I imagined them being underground and developing the skin like the D&D drow.


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