Under the Brush: Wood Elves for Tale of Tuesdays


The day after I wrote my unboxing for the new Games Workshop Atherlorn Avengers kit, I started painting some minis for the Blood Bowl painting challenge put on by Tale of Painters. If you’ve seen my post on the Blood Bowl Community over on Facebook, I’ve been playing around a lot with Photoshop trying to nail down my team colors. While my Arsenal and Codillion Clarions color schemes got lots of likes, in the end I decided to go with a Celtic inspired theme. I felt this was both sporty and fit with the nature aesthetic I felt most wood elf teams would go for.

I started with the three linemen I built from the unboxing to try and nail down the color scheme. I started with a green top and white pants. I’m not very good with freehanding so I didn’t bother trying to replicate Celtic’s traditional hoops shirt 🙂

I decided to mix up the color placement on each mini though, so as not to be too repetitive. I hope the end result is something similar to an eldar harlequins troop but still looks like a sports team. I also added black as a third accent color.

Painting went pretty fast. I worked on them on and off during a Sunday so I can’t say what the total time was. My process was a black/gray/white zenithal prime followed by a Nuln Oil wash and drybrush with Vallejo Model Color Pale Sand. I picked out some more highlights using Daler Rowney White Acrylic Ink.

Colors used:
Flesh: Gulliman Flesh Contrast Paint
Green: Vallejo Game Colors Green Black Ink
White: Apothecary White Contrast Paint
Black: Vallejo Game Color Black Ink
Blonde Hair: Skeleton Horde Contrast Paint
Brown Hair: Vallejo Game Color Brown Ink
Silver: Leadbelcher, Nuln Oil, Necron Compound
Gem: Soulstone Blue over silver

6 thoughts on “Under the Brush: Wood Elves for Tale of Tuesdays

  1. Yes Casey! These are awesome. The grey is a real nice neutral colour making there green really stand out. Colours are really sporty. Great work pal.


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    • Thanks! I think I’m going to wait to see what the official non-star player treeman looks like before I commit to getting one. Or convert one from a kurnoth hunter model.


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