Roswell ’98: When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

In this case, hell must be overbooked by about 20 lost souls because that’s how many zombies I’ve currently painted to populate the wastelands of Roswell.

Zombies are a staple of apocalyptic and dystopian settings. In fact, oftentimes zombies are the unrelenting obstacle in many apocalyptic stories. So, it’s natural that I need to get some for 20mm gaming. Plus, they’re used in all three games I plan to play Roswell ’98 with. There’s a Zombie Bash scenario in Gaslands where the objective is to see who can run over the most. Zona Alfa has zombies as a hostile type. Last Days…is pretty much all zombies. In fact, the necessary number to play Last Days is suggest to be 20, so that’s how many I assembled. I’ve got quite a bit more than that though.

I picked up the two sets of zombies from Dark Alliance. Each box has 4 sprues of 12 soft plastic zombies at 1:72 scale which works for 20mm. So with 48 zombies per box, I’ve got about 96 of these walkers looking to feast on the living. I want to take a moment and discuss the softness of the plastic though as my sets had a lot of flash that was hard to remove without cutting off fingers, hands, heads, etc. Some of these look like they’re wearing mittens. For the most part, I ended up leaving the flash on because as with most things in gaming, it’s actually not noticeable at arms length during game-play. These boxes are pretty cheap, I think I got each for about $15, so all in all a fantastic way to get a horde of the living dead at 20mm.

Here’s the 20 again. Where’d they come from? Maybe hell is full? Maybe there’s some space gas from the crashed UFOs? Using this setting as my tribute to cult classic films…maybe there’s a leaked canister of 2-4-5 Trioxin? <- Return of the Living Dead.

Regardless, I opted to paint the group with a limited earth tone palette. I didn’t want them to look like a collection of individuals, but more a filthy horde. I think it worked.

Our Perry Bros Dark Future duo are still looking for the President. Maybe he’s become a zed himself? The heroes will need to be careful, but they might have to shoot everything in the head to be sure.

Wait! It looks like the President, another official, and a pilot survived. These three are from Elheim’s 20mm range and come together as a set. They can be used as flags in Gaslands’ Capture the Flag scenario or objectives in Zona Alfa.

Maybe our heroes can get these civilians to safety…or perhaps they’ll join the legion of the living dead.

At this point, I’ve got a lot of hostiles done, I’ve got enough terrain (though I’ve got my eye on a few other pieces I need), I think it’s time I started arming up some of the gangs.

10 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.

      • My Frostgrave crew had just switched over to Last Days when the pandemic rolled around – we got three games in of a campaign. Based on that limited experience I would put it in the category of Dracula’s America, fun but not super deep. Seasons is kind of a mixed bag, more stuff is always good and I like the co-op scenarios, but the actually season rules I find kind of boring.


    • Hmmm…I’ve also got Dracula’s America and the rules read like they’re a lot of fun. Did you guys not enjoy that one long term either?


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