Roswell ’98: The Highway Patrol Part I

The first gang has arrived in the badlands of Roswell and of course, it’s the law….or is it?

Like others, I sometimes fancy the idea of post apocalyptic gangs to be basically cosplayers. It’s also fitting for the genre and brings to mind all the themed gangs in dystopian films like The Warriors. However, I think for my games, they will be law enforcement. I’m setting these games to be not in full blown apocalypse, but more “teetering on the edge” like the first Mad Max film. There is some level of degrading civilization, but the surrounding badlands are chaotic. Also, my Gaslands vehicles aren’t going to be in the gonzo style of Fury Road, but more like something you’d see in a Cannon Film or 70s/80s straight-to-video, B-movie. Some old cars with a few bits added on to come in under budget. The hood gun on the Camaro reminds me of a WWI bi-plane. True, it may impede the driver’s vision, but…Rule of Cool!

Another note about my vehicle selection. Since my games are set in an alternate 1998, I’m only sourcing vehicles that were real pre-1998 cars. The two I’ve used for the Highway patrol are a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro and a 1995 Ford Bronco. Both by Greenlight. Greenlight toy cars are true 1:64, so the 20mm Northstar Gaslands and Citadel Dark Future drivers and passengers fit much better than they would in a Hot Wheel. The Camaro is driven by a Northstar Gaslands model, while the Bronco has a Northstar Gaslands shotgun rider with a Citadel driver and cab gunner.

Even with the better sized fit, I had to make some modifications. The Gaslands Driver had to be chopped at the stomach to fit in the Camaro. The Citadel Driver, on the right, was a decent fit, but I had to remove the bottom of the steering wheel.

The Law Rides. Bringing the law to the lawless, and lifeless, in the badlands of Roswell ’98.

15 thoughts on “Roswell ’98: The Highway Patrol Part I

    • Thanks! Yeah, I hoped these vehicles highlighted the figures. Maybe I should have painted them a little brighter or cut away some of the screen mesh, like battle damage, to better see the drivers? The ‘shotgun’ rider is perfect though.

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    • Thanks, James! I agree. At first, I was thinking painting drivers would be a lot of extra work that’s not seen in play, but when I look at like the last photo and I can see the driver’s hands gripping the wheel in the Camaro…it’s worth it.


  1. They look so good. The chap leaning out of the window is great but the drivers are hard to see in the finished vehicles. Maybe that’s just the photography and actually they stand out better in real life?


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