Dungeon Bowl: College of Metal

Back in Orctober I painted up a Black Orc Blitz Bowl team with the idea being that those six models could combine with the six models of my Orc Blitz Bowl team to be a 12 model strong College of Metal squad. Both Orc teams are black with white shoulder pads. Well, the College of Metal have a few other player options… Human Blitzers and Khorne Bloodseekers.

I had a spare sprue of Khorne and a few spare sprues of Humans (which will happen when you own five copies of Blitz Bowl). I converted the Human blitzers to use the Khorne Marauder helmets with the horns filed off and the Bloodseekers minus their Khorny helmet trappings. The idea being this could help bring these models more in line with the majority Orc squad than look like they still belong to their respective ones. This is the third color scheme I’ve painted these Khorne models with. They have different colors on both my Khorne Blood Bowl team and my Khorne Blitz Bowl team. I’m a madman.

Above is the full 16 model College of Metal Dungeon Bowl squad. I doubt I ever run all 16 players on a roster, I don’t even do that in Blood Bowl, but with so many spares it just made sense to complete the available options for this team.

This makes the third project I’ve completed already this year. If I can keep up this momentum, it’ll be my most productive year ever. :fingers_crossed:

4 thoughts on “Dungeon Bowl: College of Metal

  1. Orcs, Khorne, Humans, and Goblins? That’s a crazy team! You’d think with “metal” in their name, they’d at least have a Dwarf or two? Nice work finishing off your team. The marauder helms on the humans looks great and really I must say, even better than the regular Human heads. Well done! 😃

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