Gaslands: The Punks

Punks are a staple of Post Apocalyptic gaming, but it took me a while to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with them in my Roswell ’98 setting. I originally planned to just use army greens like the Maniax as a tribute to the Dark Future gang. Ultimately, I opted to employ some inspiration from them, but not copy that gang outright.

I already have a gang with military type vehicles, The Cultists, and another gang that dresses in greens, the recent Ex-Military types, so I skipped those Maniax standards so this gang could have it’s own identity. Their tribute to the Maniax is the gang all having blond mohawks. I was thinking of having a wide assortment of colored hair, but I kinda like how a unified color helps with gang identity.

My thought on this gang is to have the vehicles look like a punk’s leather jacket. You know the type, pins, patches, spikes, etc all over. I didn’t want to go overboard so the models weren’t too cluttered, but black vehicles with graffiti was my attempt to convey the same sort of authoritarian vibe.

Punk models are a mix of Northstar Gaslands Punks and Citadel Dark Future with a single Elhiem hanging out the shotgun side of the beetle. The vehicles are Greenlight 1949 Volkswagen Beetle, Greenlight Volkswagen Panel Van both 1/64. The bike, sidecar and riders are Citadel Dark Future.

I still have the punk and rocker models on foot to paint up so this gang can play in Xenos Rampant, but this actually finishes the last of my vehicles for Gaslands. Every vehicle has driver and passenger models. This was a lot of extra work for Gaslands, but it was important to me to make use of these models. I have an idea for a single model or two in the future, but those are fun stretch goals that I’m ok if I don’t actually get too. For now though, my Gaslands models are done.

5 thoughts on “Gaslands: The Punks

    • Same. I really dig how they turned out. Despite part of punk ideology being individuality, for visual gaming purposes I kinda like having them unified in color. I’m glad I caught the anarchy sign in place of the VW sign on the van.

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