The Table Is Slowly Coming Together

So, with the holiday weekend, I was able to find enough time to finish up my latest piece, as well and paint up a couple of other pieces I had lying around.

First up is a pic of the back side of the “bridge house.” I decided to go with an all flat roof on this piece to allow minis access to as much of the building as possible. With the building sitting on top of a raised platform, the flat roof gives it more of a military or industrial feel I think. The area of the first floor on the right of this pic is inaccessible to minis. I just serves as part of the platform for the rest of the piece.


Up next is the front of the building. It has a stairway on either side for easy access, and all three arches as well as the space under the stairway on the left are large enough for most minis to pass easily.



I usually build all my terrain from scratch, but I’m certainly not opposed to using commercial pieces if they work well for my games. Games Workshop’s Dreadstone Blight, for example, looks like it is tailor made for Mordheim. It is a destroyed tower with three accessible floors. Admittedly, I did not go nearly as crazy as I could have picking out all the details on this piece, but it had been sitting around for some time assembled but unpainted and I wanted to just get it ready for the tabletop already. It should work quite well in games.



Finally, here are a couple of shots of my current pieces set up together on a table. I have nowhere near enough pieces to really host a decent game yet, but I think this is a decent start towards a modest table.




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