Let’s make a Pact: New Willy Miniatures Kickstarter


My local Blood Bowl league is getting a bit of a reboot in its premiere season. This gives me a chance to ditch my crippled high elves in favor of something else. After taking a beating with the elves, I must admit I’m an elf failure, unable to score in four games, but I digress, I was feeling a bit dejected. I could fall back on my tried and true humans but wasn’t really feeling it or any other teams, really. Until I latched on to the idea of Chaos Pact or Chaos Renegades as Games Workshop calls them in the latest edition of Blood Bowl.

The cool thing about Chaos Pact is you can have three big guys. Most people will tell you big guys are a liability and they’re completely right, but big guys are also a lot of fun. The base of the team are the marauders which are basically human lineman … but with access to mutations! Round that out with a dark elf, skaven, goblin and now orc options, you’ve got something interesting going on. You have to deal with animosity and a severe lack in starting skills, but you can develop each player into really unique roles. Chaos Pact in a way shares this similarities with the beastmen on a Chaos team, they start as nobodies but can become really specialized in what they do.

I hope that’s the case. I’ve never played them ๐Ÿ™‚

Getting on the team, I’ve got a couple of options:

a) Get some BB16 human lineman, maybe a thrower, a linerat, a lineorc, a goblin and get a dark elf of some sort, maybe something from the 40k Dark Eldar.

b) I have a painted, plastic human 3rd edition team and I’ve got a 2nd edition ogre. I’ve also got this fimir Blood Bowl player from Impact! Miniatures. I could get an old orc, goblin, skaven and dark elf and go the oldhammer route. I do have a soft spot for some oldhammer. The problem is the 3rd edition plastic humans look very “good” and noble, and not at all Chaotic

c) Find a third-party producer

And lo and behold, there’s a Kickstarter campaign going on by Willy Miniatures for a Chaos Pact team! The campaign is already funded and has quadrupled its goal with 12 days to go. I’m not sure when Willy Miniatures started casting in resin, but you can get this one for a mere $62, however as they are based in Spain shipping to the US is an extra 20 euros ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Let’s check them out!


The full team includes 15 unique sculpts, including the newly added lineorc. Slick move there slick Willy.


The big guys are looking strong, in particular the minotaur and ogre. The ogre sports some nice tusks that make it look chaotic enough from the GW ogre, but not overly crazy in mutations. The minotaur is in a strong blitzing/blocking pose and has both hooves attached to the base (take notice GW, some people like stable miniatures). I think the troll is the weakest of the three. I’m a little partial to the skinny GW style troll with big bellies. This troll doesn’t look skinny enough or bulk enough, it’s a bit meh in my opinion.


The marauders are looking ace. They have that savage look to them that implies chaos. And check out those abs! I wish a 3D sculptor to give me some abs like that. My favorite of the bunch is the guy in the middle, with his triumphant fist raised in the air. I feel like every time he’s on the pitch I’d yell “By the power of Nuffle, I have the power!” in my best He-Man impression. My least favorite is the guy in the lower right, he’s in a more traditional football 3-point stance but at first glance I thought he was the goblin.


Wow! That dark elf is one evil looking renegade elf. And that’s saying something for a race of evil elves that rebelled against their more noble kin. How do you rebel as a teenager in a dark elf family? You eschew your traditional murder god worshiping religion and join a chaos cult. And then play some Blood Bowl.

And the add-ons! There are a ton! I’m not sure if all of them are unique to this campaign, but another good move on Willy Miniatures part by producing sculpts that GW hasn’t gotten to yet like the Nurgle star player, I forget his name but I know he has a mouth where his belly should be.


The Not Morg-n-Thorg is ok, his boots are a little too chunky in my opinion, gives him a bit of a World of Warcraft feel.


Whoa! A knock off of the Warhammer World exclusive Grak and Crumbleberry!


Willy Miniatures is also including a really, really good looking box and board package with this team. It really looks like a professional job on par with Games Workshop’s boards.


There’s more on the Kickstarter campaign showing off the other add-ons and star players, but frankly I’m as exhausted as a dwarf block on his second “go for it” after sharing all that with you.

5 thoughts on “Let’s make a Pact: New Willy Miniatures Kickstarter

  1. I think Chaos Renegades would be a very interesting team to build, just from the visuals. I’m probably going to kit-bash mine from BB16 models. I like pretty much all the stuff in that Kickstarter, but that’s also the problem. I’d end up spending a lot on it. I also kind of like the idea of kit-bashing, because the team will look even more disjointed, which is how they should be in my mind.


    • I agree and that’s why I’m taking the same approach. It’s a good looking team, but i enjoy converting minis for a bespoke team. I’ve got 6 human lineman, 1 thrower, 1 linerat and 1 lineorc so far. I’ll be getting a goblin and a bunch of chaos bits from a fellow contributor as well. I think I’ll get the gw ogre and troll as well to match the aesthetics.

      The question for the dark elf, do i convert a dark eldar wych or wait for gw’s elf union team to come out and snag a lineelf from there?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think I would wait for the Ellen Union.

        I’m not in a big rush, so I might wait for GW’s Dark Elves. I also backed the last Impact! Kickstarter, so I’ll have those Elves on their way probably in August.


    • Thanks, Willy Miniatures! You guys have done so much in supporting the game during the years it was out of production and continue to offer great alternative minis for players.


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