Under the Brush: In the prime of their lives


Not much to say, gave my Chaos Renegade team a Zenithal prime tonight. In my previous painting with Zenithal prime I just did black and white sprays, tonight I added a gray spray in between. Fascinating I know. More pics after the break.

7 thoughts on “Under the Brush: In the prime of their lives

  1. Looks good, will be interesting to see these painted up. I haven’t tried Zenithal highlighting yet. Possibly when I get around to my next team (oh say, 2300). This is also an interesting point (at least to me), as all the mod work comes together under the primer and the ‘average Joe’ would look at them and say ‘Hey cool minis, where did you buy those?!’.


      • I had to look back at your previous post, couldn’t remember if you had the Ogre and Mino. Seeing the big leap from multipart plastic to primed minis is pretty cool. I’m hoping to collect a good amount of ‘step-by-step’ pics as I progress on my own minis.


      • I do have the ogre, but he’s waiting to have his arm magnetized before I prime him. I want him to have the claw option should the chance ever present itself. As for a mino, I’m waiting on the Forge World one to be released. What’s taking them so long?

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        • Out today! I just blogged my thoughts on the ‘Official Chaos Renegades’ team being offered from Forge World too. I think yours will turn out much better!

          I have a Mino I picked up from Impact! that might be my Chaos Ren Mino. I need to make another Miniatures Haul post and show him off, as well as a couple other minis I picked up.


  2. When I look at your conversions I can’t help but think that GW dropped the ball by packaging generic human models together to make the renegade team. You really outdid yourself Casey with your work! Can’t wait to see it all painted up.


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